2017 INNOVATE Awards



The INNOVATE Awards are the premiere awards for projects in the consulting and engineering space. To enter the awards, start by submitting the online Entry Form. Then you can prepare your full submission. These two documents and some other helpful information can be downloaded below. At any time, should you have a question, please contact either of the Awards Project Managers, Holly Morchat Stanko or Catherine Chong.


The 2017 process is now underway.

You can view all the entrant projects here.


Start-Here---Helpful-Guidelines-2017.jpg Guideline-G62-1-Nuts-and-Bolts-of-Sumission-Entry_Page_01.jpg Innovate_Awards_Entry_Form_G62-E_Page_01.jpg
Start Here - Helpful Guidelines  G62-1 Nuts and Bolts Guidelines 

 PDF Entry Form
(use the online form if possible)

 Click any of the above images to begin downloading the respective documents.
We highly encourage you to use the online Entry Form, click here (you can begin the form, save, and return later)


Save the dates for the 2017 INNOVATE process:

ENTRY FORMS DUE - Friday, March 3rd
SUBMISSIONS DUE - Wednesday, March 15th
WINNERS INFORMED - Wednesday, June 21st

Entry Form

The two most important dates are the entry form and submission deadlines. So what’s the difference? The entry form will be used to give ACENZ and the Convenor of Judges a heads up on how many projects to expect and an idea of the disciplines. That way if we need to source extra judges or find specialist judges, we can handle both the work load and ensure the quality of judging is kept at the highest standard possible.

The Submission

The submission is THE most important element of the entry process. Without it, your project won’t be evaluated. It’s also the primary source of information that our judges use in the evaluation process. Our team does extra research such as contacting different people in the project, usually the client but could also include the contractor, principal, or any other large stakeholder to the outcome you are presenting to us. Most projects also get a physical site visit to check those interesting details you’ve told us so much about!

Winners Informed

Other dates include when the winners will be informed. All that means is that we will tell the project contact that an award will be made...not necessarily what level though (being Gold, Silver, or Merit). That would spoil all the fun on the night!

Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner

Also, we celebrate together! Entrants, winners, clients, etc...we invite all to celebrate the extraordinary achievement of the consulting and engineering industry together at the Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner. This fun gala dinner recognises both the INNOVATE Awards (project awards) and the ACENZ Awards (people awards). More information on where, when, dress, price, etc. can be found online here.

The 2017 Awards of Excellence Gala will be held on Saturday, 12th August 2017 in Taupo at the Wairakei Resort. You can purchase tickets to this event for $165 NZD + gst. Use this PDF form to order tickets or email Holly Morchat Stanko directly


order tickets here - PDF (invoice) or online (PayPal)