ACENZ believes in engineers and their firms playing an important leadership role in society, and committing their efforts towards public good and robust practices. We contribute an informed and representative role within the industry and public sector assisting with development of relevant public policy, legislation and safe practices. 


ACENZ strives and earns the reputation as the trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment. ACENZ has demonstrated strong influence on decision makers in achieving positive outcomes relevant to public policy, procurement practices, regulation and legislation through use of collective experience and expertise to benefit the engineering related industry and the wider public - in addition to contributing to the national good. Our core business includes policy advisory services, counsel to key influencers/decision makers and business advice and services to members.


To raise the profile and expand the influence of the industry and to assist members improve their business performance
and the quality of service.


ACENZ is the trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment.


ACENZ pursues two core goals:
1. To influence decision-makers on relevant public policy initiatives, regulation and legislation, by being a trusted source of sound advice that considers benefits to related industry and the national good. That includes:

• Focus on “public good” outcomes
• Engage in public policy and legislative research and development process
• Promote awareness of the consulting industry in the built and natural environment amongst influences/
• Establish and maintain effective networks and relationships
• Prepare and make submissions on matters that affect members
• To become a trusted source of sound advice on matters affecting or likely to affect business
• Establish a framework for early identification and assessment of significant issues
• Use members’ collective expertise, networks and relationships to positively influence the decision-mak
ing process
• Provide valid industry input into the decision making process

2. To add value to members businesses through use of collective experience and

• Develop ACENZ understanding of members business and operating requirements
• Provide the means for sharing expertise and knowledge
• Showcase, celebrate and promote excellence
• Effectively manage resources to deliver services to members
• Enter into partnerships/alliances with other bodies to advance collective interests
• Identify, develop and promote practical solutions to member issues and to safe practice
• Identify, assess and debate impact


The Association Representing Consulting & Engineering in NZ
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Postal: PO Box 10247, Wellington 6143
Phone: 04 472 1202  |  Email: service@acenz.org.nz 

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