2018 INNOVATE Awards


The INNOVATE Awards are the premiere awards for projects in the consulting and engineering space. At any time, should you have a question, please contact either of the Awards Project Managers, Holly Morchat Stanko or Catherine Chong.


To enter the awards, start by reading the terms and conditions of entry and the guidelines. This information will help you create and write your PDF submission. Once your submission is done, you can officially enter the awards by completing the online form through the entry portal. You will be prompted to upload your full PDF submission and a minimum of 3 project photos along with contact details for relevant parties. You will be able to save your entry and return later to complete if needed. Note the deadline to complete your submission and entry is Friday, 16th March, 2018.

Online Entry Portal


Save the dates for the 2018 INNOVATE process:

SUBMISSIONS DUE - Friday, March 16th (use the online entry portal above when ready to enter)

WINNERS INFORMED - Friday, June 29th



The Submission

The submission is THE most important element of the entry process. Without it, your project won’t be evaluated. It’s also the primary source of information that our judges use in the evaluation process. We recommend that the submission be written to highlight outstanding aspects of the project. Far too often, entrants try to cram too much information into their submission. That risks skimming over some of the excellent parts of your project. Ultimately it is up to you, but we suggest critically evaluating your work and asking, "what aspect of this project are better that current industry standards?" or "how does my project demonstrate excellent in the consulting or engineering relationship with my client"?

Our team does extra research such as contacting different people in the project, usually the client but could also include the contractor, principal, or any other large stakeholder to the outcome you are presenting to us. Most projects also get a physical site visit to check thohttps://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/acenz/pages/381/attachments/original/1524176445/INNOVATE_2016_Web_profil1_1_SH1_Russley_Road_Upgrade.pdf?1524176445se interesting details you’ve told us so much about!

Learn more about the project types and definitions as well as award terms and conditions here.

Winners Informed

Other dates include when the winners will be informed. All that means is that we will tell the project contact that an award will be made...not necessarily what level though (being Gold, Silver, or Merit). That would spoil all the fun on the night! This is to allow enough time for travel and other arrangements to be made so that representatives of the project can attend the Awards Gala celebration on Friday, 3rd August in Hamilton.

Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner

Also, we celebrate together! Entrants, winners, clients, etc...we invite all to celebrate the extraordinary achievement of the consulting and engineering industry together at the Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner. This fun gala dinner recognises both the INNOVATE Awards (project awards). More information on where, when, dress, price, etc. read below.

The 2018 Awards of Excellence Gala will be held on Friday, 3rd August at the Claudlands Event Centre in Hamilton. a link to purchase tickets will be posted in the coming months. 

2018 Project Entrants

Click on any of the below image thumbnails to open a PDF with  more information about the project. For some projects, additional photographs are available. Contact the ACENZ staff to inquire further.