ACE Awards

The ACE Awards celebrate the excellent work consultants do to create vibrant and sustainable outcomes for communities in Aotearoa. 

2020 gold and sustainability winner Nelson Airport by Dunning Thornton Consultants

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Tickets are now on sale for the 2021 Awards. Individual tickets are $150 each and tables of 10 are $1,500.

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Project categories

The awards are broken down into three main categories:  


Traditional client and consultant relationship. You will have been directly engaged by the client to deliver a solution or service. This category also includes sub-consultants engaged in delivering a specific aspect of the consulting. 

Collaborative Working Agreement 

A contractual agreement between consulting companies to enter a business arrangement which is designed to deliver services or solutions which add value for both parties in the relationship, for a specific project or term contract. 


Large capital projects. Projects have a formal alliance contract which defines relationships, management structure, cost and pain share/gain share. 


There are an additional four sub-categories which may apply to your entry:  

Overseas Project

Where the work is outside of New Zealand but managed by a New Zealand-based office of the ACE New Zealand member.

Small Project

A project in any discipline for which total fees paid are less than $50,000 or has a Capital Value of $250,000 (whichever is the larger).

Small Firm

Any type or size of project undertaken principally by a firm with a total FTE of 15 or fewer people.

First Time Entrant

This category is open to any ACE New Zealand Ordinary Member firm which has never submitted a project in the ACE Awards. 


Key dates for 2021

  • ACE Awards event - 8 September 

Frequently asked questions

How many awards can my company apply for? 

1 – 150 staff 

up to 4 projects 

151 – 500 staff 

up to 6 projects 

500+ staff

up to 8 projects






What are the prerequisites for applying for the awards? 

  • Entries are open to ACE New Zealand Ordinary Members only

  • Collaborative Working Agreement (CWA) and Alliances may enter, subject to additional criteria being met

  • Your project must be completed within three years of the closing date for submissions 

  • Your project must be fully completed and have proven its operation

  • Your client or asset owner must consent to the project being entered  

How do I apply?

Express your interest in submitting your project by completing the Expressions of Interest form. Once you've completed the form, prepare your submission. 

The submission is the key piece of information used by the judges.

How is my submission judged? 

The ACE Awards judging process is rigorous. Each submission is reviewed by up to five judges who are experts in their field. They complete in-person interviews with the client and lead contractor as well as site visit, where applicable

A wider judging panel of up to 30 experts then reviews all information gathered throughout the initial judging process to decide Gold, Silver and Merit winners.  

Gold acknowledges a superior project with outstanding outcomes which sets a new industry standard. It also recognises exceptional consultancy service which goes above and beyond expectations.

Silver acknowledges projects which clearly demonstrate great achievement and service to the client or for smart or innovative technology or project solutions.  

Merit for projects which demonstrate a standard above that which normally could be expected from a project in either innovation or consulting delivery. 

Submissions are assessed on the following criteria: 

  • Consulting experience

  • Depth and extent of technical expertise

  • Creation of sustainable value

  • Client satisfaction

The judging process is rigorous and confidential to staff and judging panel. Processes are in place to prevent conflicts of interest and moderation is robust and diverse across the entire judges panel of up to 30 experts. Feedback (even for improvement) and comment on individual entries will not be provided. All outcomes of the awards are moderated and agreed to by the entire panel, approved by the Convenor, and are final.

How much does it cost to enter?  

Entry fee is $1,200.00 + GST per submission except for Small Firms or First Time Entrants which is $800 + GST. 


Any questions regarding the awards submission process, contact ACE New Zealand General Manager, Holly Morchat Stanko [email protected]