Tiaki means “to care for” or “to look after” in Te Reo. The team at Tiaki believe in looking after clients by listening to their needs and requirements, and translating those into successful projects by understanding and caring for their business needs. The Company welcomes and values clients input and participation in their projects because no one knows their business better than they do.

The team at Tiaki come from a background of civil and structural design and project delivery for New Zealand local government utilities (wastewater, water, storm water and structures), industrial, rural and private sectors and have been involved with:

• Small bridges and retaining walls
• Industrial site works, car parks and drainage
• Civil structural works
• Wastewater systems investigation, analysis and repair monitoring
• Reservoirs and pumping stations
• Pipeline design
• Storm water systems and catchment analyses
• Flood risk assessments
• Drainage design
• Drainage systems management
• Effluent treatment ponds
• Geotechnical
• Consent applications

Through various business partners, the Company is also able to provide services in the specialist geotechnical, landscape design, consent processing, electrical/mechanical and HVAC areas.

The objectives of the Company are to:

• Provide a responsive professional service to client’s satisfaction, based on the principles of quality, integrity, efficiency and continuing improvement
• Create a collective commitment to quality within the company
• Protect the environment and society at large in respect of its professional service activities

Tiaki Engineering Consultants Limited (Tauranga) 25sc

Tiaki Engineering Consultants Limited (Tauranga)