CivilPlan Consultants Limited is a vibrant, progressive land development and property advisory consultancy based in the heart of Manukau City. We are a team of enthusiastic professionals with considerable experience in town planning, civil engineering and land survey, responsible for designing, consenting and managing the implementation of land development projects. We work to an ethic of responsive project delivery and high quality service to valued clients. We understand client needs and proactively manage
our clients’ strategic property interests. We provide everything needed to deliver the following services:

  • Planning and civil engineering advice
  • Feasibility studies
  • Resource consents
  • Strategic and structure planning
  • Plan changes
  • Topographical and Land Transfer surveying
  • Detailed civil engineering design
  • Environmental engineering design
  • Construction observation
  • Construction contract management
  • Project management
CivilPlan Consultants Limited 25sc

CivilPlan Consultants Limited