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A conversation with Hon Julie Anne Genter

Webinar - September 23, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm


With the election upon us, we're talking to a range of politicians about issues which impact our sector.

In this event, we're speaking with Green Party MP Hon Julie Anne Genter, who is also Minister for Women, and Associate Minister for Transport, and Health.

We'll pose a range of questions to Julie Anne, and there's a chance for you to ask questions too.

About the presenter

Growing up in Los Angeles, Julie Anne saw how transport and urban design impacted the environment and influenced the lives of people within the city, from their health to their ability to access education. Julie Anne has been a strong advocate for building towns and cities that put people at their heart, support strong, healthy communities and enhance our natural environment.

Before becoming a member of Parliament, Julie Anne worked as a transport and planning consultant for some of New Zealand's leading firms.

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