About us

Our world and our sector are changing at an ever-increasing rate, thanks to the influence of new technology, big data, globalisation, environmental pressures, and human behaviour. We are, without doubt, operating in far more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous conditions than ever before. 

  • Is Aotearoa prepared?
  • Is our sector ready?
  • Are we fit for this future?

We are entering a new era of design and delivery in the built and natural environment. ACE New Zealand must support our members and our nation to adapt and thrive into the future.

It is an incredibly exciting time for our sector; there will be countless opportunities and just as many challenges, we need to make sure we are ready for what is to come. We need to make sure we are future-fit. 

Read about our strategy (pdf)

Our vision

To actively and positively shape the future of Aotearoa by supporting our members to create sustainable value for themselves, their clients and their communities.

Our purpose

  • Enabling our members to compete, excel and thrive
  • Leading, connecting and shaping the future of Aotearoa
  • Asserting and preserving the importance and credibility of our sector with both the public and government

Our values

Diversity, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Passion

Our foundations

  • Member focus. Our members must see us as their most valuable resource. We must be responsive to their needs, involve them in service development, and encourage personal involvement in ACE New Zealand
  • Financial success. We must maintain a financially stable and robust organisation; this means delivering an annual operating surplus which allows reinvestment in sector-led projects

Our priority areas

1. Influence: We must be the pre-eminent advocate for engineering and consulting firms in Aotearoa.

  • Profile. Be well known and respected at all levels by current and potential members, local government, central government, and other stakeholders.
  • Media voice. Proactively engage with the media to positively shape the narrative on the issues that matter.
  • Public policy. Play a proactive role in policy debates, and be seen as a trusted advisor, to influence the agenda
  • Commercial conditions. Have a positive impact on the commercial environment in which our members operate.

2. Connections: We must provide a customised experience for our members, and broaden our service delivery to meet their evolving needs.

  • Brand: Develop an engaging brand and position ACE New Zealand in the hearts and minds of stakeholders.
  • Activating tribes: Create engagement pathways across all segments of our membership, with an emphasis on ensuring ACE New Zealand is future-fit.
  • Technology: Use technology to optimise our ability to create powerful user-driven outcomes for all members.
  • Community: Facilitate meaningful engagement between members, clients, and influencers in a way that allows them to create value.

3. Future-fit:The world is changing. New technology, big data, globalisation, environmental pressures, and evolving human behaviour have the potential to disrupt our industry. We must ensure that our members are ready.

  • Thought leadership. Provide credible and well-researched guidance on the future of our sector and the factors driving change.
  • Tools and resources. Provide our members with the tools, knowledge, resources and training to ensure they, and in turn, their clients and their communities, successfully adapt and thrive.
  • Development opportunities. Facilitate opportunities for our members to develop their leaders, ideas and practices to be future-fit.