What is ACENZ? The association that represents business services and advocacy for consulting professionals in the built and natural environment. We are the trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment. 

Originally established as the consulting arm of IPENZ in 1959 ACENZ was born (evolved from the New Zealand Institution of Engineering-NZIE, The Professional Engineers' Association-PEA, and the Consulting Engineers' Division of the NZIE).



ACENZ is the Trusted Advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment.



To raise the profile and expand the influence of the industry, and to assist Members to improve their business performance and the quality of their service.


Strategic Goals

Over the course of 2016 and into 2017, the ACENZ Board and Governance redeveloped our long term strategic outlook and goals. From that process, we identified 3 key areas that we want to transform and elevate from just being good at to being World-Class at. 

  1. Engage the 10,000
  2. Increase our Profile
  3. Broaden the Membership


What does this mean? It means we want to engage with our Members, utilise their skill and expertise to benefit the Association while also demonstrating that we are actively participating with them. Membership isn't a static thing for ACENZ and we want to engage with the people who make ACENZ great. Increasing our profile means just that...we want the world to know just how important engineers are. From aligning our organisation with similar ones to gain a greater impact and voice, to getting out from behind a rock and educating the public on what engineers do. Finally, to broaden the Membership means to be more inclusive. Gone are the days of stringent and elitist clubs and feeling like your voice isn't being heard. ACENZ embraces any professional working in the built and natural environment and will actively seek to partner with those other industries such as architecture, quantity surveying, risk management, property developers, etc. 


Operating Goals and Objectives

Goal One is to influence decision-makers on relevant public policy initiatives, regulation and legislation, and to be a trusted source of sound advice that considers benefits to engineering and consulting related industry and the national good.

  • Focus on 'public good' outcomes
  • Engage in public policy and legislative research and development processes
  • Promote awareness of the consulting industry among influencers and decision-makers
  • Establish and maintain effective networks and relationships
  • Prepare and make submissions on matters that affect members
  • To become a trusted source of sound advice on matters affecting or likely to affect business
  • Establish a framework for early identification and assessment of significant issues
  • Use Members' collective expertise, networks and relationships to positively influence the decision-making process
  • Provide valid industry input into the decision making process


Goal Two is to add value to Member businesses through use of collective experience and resources

  • Develop ACENZ understanding of Members' business and operating requirements
  • Provide the means for sharing expertise and knowledge
  • Showcase, celebrate and promote excellence
  • Effectively manage resources to deliver services to Members
  • Enter into partnerships and alliances with other bodies to advance collective interests
  • Identify, develop and promote practical solutions to Member issues
  • Identify, assess and debate impact of key public policy initiatives, regulatory controls and legislation on Members' business interests