ACE New Zealand event terms and conditions

By submitting registration or RSVP to attend any of ACE New Zealand’s events, you agree to our terms and conditions 

If you've registered on behalf of someone else, you accept responsibility to have made the attendee aware of our terms and conditions and are acting on their instruction and their behalf to accept these terms and conditions. 

The event

The event location, timing, format, purpose, fees, and all other aspects of the event are determined at the sole discretion of ACE New Zealand. We may change any aspect of the event where considered reasonably necessary to do so.

ACE New Zealand may require or alter criteria for participating at a specific event, at which time criteria would be noted in the event listing or already registered participants will be made aware of criteria changes. 

Fees and payment 

Participation fee for paid events 

ACE New Zealand will issue an invoice or re-direct registrants to a secure credit card payment portal to complete payment for completed and confirmed registrationsACE New Zealand expect full payment to be made before or on the event date. ACE New Zealand reserves the right to refuse admission to the event if payment has not been made in full by the event date or the due date on the invoice. 


Participants agree to pay all applicable taxes in connection with the event as indicated by the invoice or at time of payment processing for credit card payments or as otherwise notified by ACE New Zealand.  

Other costs 

Participants are responsible for all costs associated with attending the event including travel and/or accommodation and ACE New Zealand is not responsible for any costs or disbursements incurred as a result of attending the event. 

All event fees are publicised in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST. 

Cancellation or postponement 

Cancellation by ACE New Zealand 

ACE New Zealand may cancel your individual registration if: 

  • Participation criteria is not met (if applicable) 
  • Payment is not made in full by the event date or due date on the invoice 

ACE New Zealand may cancel or postpone the entire event at our discretion. Notice of cancellation will be made in writing to anyone already registered or RSVP’d. Additional notice of cancellation or postponement will be published on the ACE New Zealand website. 


In the written cancellation notice to registrants, ACE New Zealand will offer refund options where applicable and in line with the refund policy of the applicable event. 

If a registrant wishes to cancel their own registration, ACE New Zealand’s general event refund policy is: 

  • All requests for a refund must be made in writing to ACE New Zealand at [email protected]  
  • Within 10 business days of the event date – no refunds granted 
  • Between 15 and 10 business days of the event date – 50% refund granted 
  • More than 15 business days of the event date – full refund granted 
  • Specific refund deadlines and policies apply to ACE New Zealand conferences, ACE Awards, and ACE Awards dinner / gala functions which may differ from above  

Refunds for medical reasons are processed on a case by case basis, if you are feeling sick on the day of your event please stay home and email us. 

Privacy and confidentiality

ACE New Zealand may collect personal information from you for the purpose of: 

  • The facilitation, planning, and management of the event 
  • Advising you of event changes or updates 
  • Providing you with information about the event, related services provided by ACE New Zealand or third parties 

The registrant agrees that ACE New Zealand may retain and use such personal information for the above purposes and that ACE New Zealand may contact the registrant in the future for purposes related to the event or related event opportunities.

Read all other ACE New Zealand privacy and confidentiality terms


Business days refer to Monday through Friday. 

Registrant / attendee is anyone who has a registration confirmation or an RSVP confirmation from ACE New Zealand and is the person intended to attend the event.