Expressions of Interest

Express your interest in entering your project to the 2020 ACE Awards. 

The ACE Awards are prestigious awards given to outstanding consulting projects in New Zealand.  

In order to be able to submit your project to the awards, you need to express your interest in doing so via our Expressions of Interest Form.

Expressions of interest close 10 February 2020.

Before completing the form, ensure you meet the award’s strict eligibility and criteria 

Eligibility and criteria for entry  

  1. The project must be completed by an ACE New Zealand Ordinary Member
  2. Parts or stages of projects are eligible  
  3. Non-engineering projects and consulting works are eligible, for example project management, biodiversity, climate change, IT, waste minimisation
  4. Projects must have been completed within three years of the close date for submissions to the current awards. This means:  
    • Full completion of the physical works or a component of a project where manufacture or construction are involved 
    • Completion of the brief of instruction where physical works are not directly involved, ie. research studies, surveys, feasibility reports, models, etc. 
    • Commissioning of a process system (including IT/software) or mechanical system must have proved itself over 12 months following commissioning and client acceptance This applies to projects involving a process such as mechanical and building, industrial systems, water treatment, power or plant systems, some geotechnical (including slip remediation) and food processes. Commissioning and proof of performance records must be available to the judges and a verifiable summary included in the submission for a full 12 months prior where claims are made of improved operating efficiency or effectiveness, or environmental outcomes
  5. The client or asset owner must consent to the submission in writing and to the publication of any material from the submission. This means:  
    • Permission must be obtained before the entry is submitted and appended to the submission 
    • The client will be asked to complete a “Client Feedback Form” including: 
      • Information on the extent to which the project met the client’s requirements in terms of budget, quality and time 
      • The quality of the client/consultant relationship and those aspects of the consulting service that the client considered exceptional or outstanding
      • Other points the client would like to add
      • If the client declines to provide this information, the entry may be rejected by the Convenor of Judges 
    • Similar information may be requested from other personnel significantly involved in the project
    • Submissions for which there is no client authorisation will not be presented to the judging panel. ACE New Zealand will not seek such authorisation by a direct approach to either the client or the entrant
    • The client, the principal (if different), principal consultant (if applicable), and principal contractor (if appropriate) should receive a copy of the submission before it is sent to ACE New Zealand 
    • ACE New Zealand will agree to restrict the release of commercially sensitive details (sensitive material must be clearly identified in the submission), but general information must be available for each project 
    • You may submit more than one client contact if needed 

Declined expressions of interest  

Expressions of interest will be declined if:  

  • The entry does not meet the eligibility criteria  
  • The entry is a continuation of a project that has previously been entered for an award and does not demonstrate a significant difference 
  • The entry is like another project by the same firm that has previously been entered for an award and does not demonstrate significant differences 
  • In the opinion of the Convenor of Judgesthe entry is not of a sufficiently high standard to be accepted as an entry for an award 
  • Information requested by the Convenor of Judges has not been provided, and the judges will be unable to proceed with a reasonable assessment 

Before an entry is declined, we will ask the entrant to provide written evidence that the project is significantly different to other projects, that the project is of a high standard, by reference to other opinions (not the client or consultant); or by promptly providing additional material to prevent rejection.

If information requested by the Convenor of Judges has not been provided, is unsatisfactory to the Awards Working Group, or the judges will be unable to proceed with a reasonable assessment, the entry may be declined and the decision of the Convenor is final.

Express your interest  

Every Expression of Interest will receive a confirmation to proceed or not proceeto submit an entry.