Award Definitions

Collaborative Working Agreement (CWA)

A project undertaken by an ACENZ Member Firm jointly with another Consulting Engineering firm either:

  • An overseas branch of the same multinational company
  • One or more overseas firms
  • One or more ACENZ Member firms

CWA entries must ALSO confirm the following criteria has been met:

  1. Additional parties must be ACENZ Member firms (ordinary membership)
  2. The entering firm of a CWA project must have contributed a minimum of 30% input to the project
  3. All parties of a CWA must present written verification to the Collaborative Working Agreement
  4. For overseas projects, the New Zealand firm must be managed by a New Zealand based office
  5. In the case of a New Zealand office contributing to a project run by its parent multinational, the NZ component must be a discrete and identifiable component of the project



A project undertaken by a group of organisations often including Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Client organisations, Asset Owners, and more. Alliance or Partner Projects must clarify the following:

  • The entrant (ACENZ Member) must make it clear that the award entry is for an alliance project
  • The other members of the alliance must be named, provide contact details (minimum of name, email and phone number for each organisation within the alliance), and written consent to the award entry.
  • The Consultant (ACENZ Member) must have taken the lead role in the design activities
  • Each of the additional parties must verify the share of the design work carried out by the consultant 
  • provide a table or description of the working relationships between all parties involved in the Alliance



All other projects.


Small Project

A project in any discipline for which total fees paid are less than $50,000 or has a Capital Value of $250,000, whichever is larger.


Small Firm Entry

Any project entered by an ACENZ Ordinary Member with a total nationwide staff of 15 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or less.


First Time Entrant

Any ACENZ Ordinary Member Firm which has never entered the INNOVATE Awards before. This allowance does not include firms which have previously entered but have undergone a name change through buy-out or ownership transfer. ACENZ reserves the right to refuse the discounted First Time Entrant fee.


Overseas Projects

The work must be managed by a New Zealand based office of the ACENZ Ordinary Member, for a project that has a physical site outside of New Zealand.