Board and Regional Chair elections

Are you passionate about the consulting and engineering sector and want to have a say on how we can grow and support our people and businesses? We’re holding our annual ACE New Zealand Board and Regional Chair elections this July. We need three new elected Board representatives, and five new Regional Chairs. 

This year, we’ve changed the way our elections are run to ensure a fair, more inclusive and democratic process. Nominations and voting will now run through an online voting process where all members can participate, and any staff member of a member firm can put their name forward.  


The ACE New Zealand Board is responsible for the governance of ACE New Zealand. It oversees the strategic direction and management of ACE New Zealand and reports to members on their stewardship of the organisation.  

It’s made up of six elected representatives and up to three appointed members. Representative Board members are voted by member vote, for a three-year term. Terms are staged so that two of the six representative Board members complete their three-year term at each AGM. It allows new members to stand for the Board each year while maintaining continuity in governance.  

The Board elects a President and Vice President from the representative Board members at the first meeting following the AGM and can choose to appoint up to three additional appointed members to ensure that overall, our Board represents the diversity of our membership and the skills we need to take our organisation forward. 

Because this is the first year under our new process, this year, ACE New Zealand members can vote for three representative Board members and the terms of these members will vary to get us into our staged rhythm. 

What we’re looking for in a Board 

Our members are from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. We need our Board to reflect our membership and the communities we serve – from business leaders, engineers and planners to marketers, design thinkers and Māoritanga advisors, from Northland to Southland, large to small firms, and a mix of gender, age and ethnicities. 

We also need our Board to have the skills to take our organisation forward, aligned to our greatest challenges and programs of work. We need to ensure we’re ready to face significant disruption across digital innovation and climate change, and that procurement practices and risk allocation remain reasonableWe’re also navigating more systemic issues such as the need to increase representation among women, Māori and Pasifika, wellbeing leadership and growing consultant capability. If we are to succeed, our Board must be bold and brave, have a view on the long-term horizon and an understanding of good governance. 

What's involved 

The Board meets around five times a year, either in person or online, and participates in a one-day strategic planning hui each year. Other meetings may be conducted electronically, or out-of-cycle as needed.  

The estimated time commitment is one day per month.  

Board positions are not remunerated. Being a member of the ACE New Zealand Board is a fulfilling leadership role, putting you in a strategic position of influence for the future of our sector.

Position description and charter

Read a Board Director position description

Read the Board Charter

Current Board 

See our current ACE New Zealand Board 


Make a nomination for the ACE New Zealand Board

Nominations must be from an ACE New Zealand member firm.

Regional Chairs 

There are 12 regions in Aotearoa New Zealand represented by an ACE New Zealand Regional Chair. This year, we’re asking for nominations from the following five regions:  

  1. Northland 
  2. Waikato 
  3. Nelson/Blenheim 
  4. Canterbury/West Coast 
  5. Otago/Southland 

What we want in a Regional Chair  

An ACE New Zealand Regional Chair is an ACE member who has the desire to expand their professional network, who wants to positively shape the future of the industry, who is keen to give back, has time to invest, mid-level experience, and is involved in the business side of consulting and engineering. 

What’s involved 

An ACE New Zealand Regional Chair is the key regional contact between ACE and our members. You’re required to meet with the ACE New Zealand Board one or two times a year, either in person or online, and provide feedback and write reports for the Board meetings five times a year.  

A Regional Chair is required to interview potential ACE New Zealand members in your region.  

The estimated time commitment is one to four hours per month 

Regional Chair positions are not remunerated 

Current Regional Chairs  

See our current ACE New Zealand Regional Chairs


Make a nomination for an ACE New Zealand Regional Chair

Nominations must be from an ACE New Zealand member firm.

Next steps  

Nominations close 5pm, 30 June, and voting will take place 12 July – 23 July. One person from each ACE New Zealand member firm will receive a link to vote via our electronic voting system. 

The new Board and Regional Chairs will be notified the week of 2 August and announced at our AGM on 11 August when their term begins.