Cook Costello (Whangarei)

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Founded in 1976 Cook Costello has been collaborating in creative and innovative projects for more than 40 years. With a staff of over 60 experienced Engineers, Surveyors and Architectural designers operating from four offices across New Zealand we provide value added relationships to Land Development projects and above and below ground engineering.  We are delivering Suitability, Concept, Design and Build projects for a variety of sectors either in totality or forming strategic partnerships to share our capabilities.  Our work in  Canterbury and Kaikoura following the earthquakes has seen our team combine modern edge geotechnical testing with advanced data collection and superior computer modelling to deliver smarter thinking to all our projects. 

Services offered

  • Agriculture
  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Construction Project Resource Management
  • Dam / Hydro
  • Engineering Management
  • Environmental / Sustainability
  • Geotechnical / Seismic Assessment
  • Governance / Risk / Compliance
  • Materials
  • Materials Engineering Design & Research
  • Mechanical / Building Services
  • Modelling / BIM / Simulation
  • Modelling BIM Simulation
  • Professional Services
  • Project / Resource management
  • Science or Non-Engineering Works
  • Software / IT / Robotics
  • Software IT Design or Engineering
  • Structural
  • Surveying Land Surveying & Mapping
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Design or Engineering
  • Water & Wastewater Engineering
  • Water / Wastewater