Design Management Consultants Ltd (DMC) is an independent consulting company established in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1983. DMC has provided engineering and architectural services to the building industry throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for nearly 30 years.DMC specialises in combining Architectural Design with Structural Engineering utilising Revit 3D-CAD design techniques and many years of construction experience to develop construction solutions that minimise construction program and enable cost effective construction solutions to be achieved.Seismic design for new buildings or strengthening of existing buildings is another hot topic that can be solved for clients by DMC. Not only is the methodology and materials considered but also the end result with emphasis placed on the building being safe and functional after a design-level earthquake.DMC's consulting services includes Civil Engineering design associated with land development including road carriageways, bridges, drainage systems and retaining walls.DMC specialises in architectural design of many types of buildings covering a wide range of activities from food processing, industrial manufacturing & processing, logistics, commercial, places of assembly, clubs and church buildings. Each project starts with consideration of options for materials and finishes to create a result that combines aesthetics with longevity, sustainability, energy efficiency and cost effect solutions.The Team at DMC has the unique professional capacity to blend the structural feasibility aspect of the design engineering, with the artisitic visual appeal of architecture into one functional component in the industrial and commerical building industry. The firm focuses on first understanding the client's business functions and their needs so the client gets the best solution possible within budget constraints to suit their business development. Everyone within the DMC team is committed to quality assurance processes right from the start to enable client confidence from concept to creations of all projects large or small.

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