Duminda Wijayasinghe


Job title: Director New Zealand

What Regional Chair position are you interested in? Auckland – North Shore

About Duminda

I am a programme director and an engineer with a broad range of experience in programme and project management, transport engineering and business case consulting. As SYSTRA ANZ's NZ Director, I am responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, engineers, urban planners, urban designers, and sustainable transport specialists.

I have qualifications in engineering, business, economics and project management, which bring an in-depth understanding of project management, public transport planning, land use and transport planning, and economics. I have a history of successfully managing, delivering and overseeing a wide range of high-profile transport programmes and projects in New Zealand. I completed a successful decade in the New Zealand government sector, before I stepped into the engineering consultancy where I always strive for successful outcomes.

I was the recent chair of the IESL NZ Chapter in 2023 /24 and a former executive member of the Road Controlling Authority (RCA) of NZ.

I strongly believe that if you want to fulfil your dreams, you need to change the person within yourself.

Pepeha or whakapapa/family history

Tēnā koutou katoa
Ko Duminda tōku ingoa
Ko Wijayasinghe tōku whānau
Nō Orewa ahau
Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa

What strengths would you bring to the ACE New Zealand Regional Chair role?

Applying for a role such as Regional Chair requires a combination of leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of the region's needs and opportunities. Here’s how I can articulate my strengths for the Regional Chair role:

  • Strong leadership and vision: I would leverage my leadership skills to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered in the decision-making process. I would provide clear direction and vision, aligning regional initiatives with broader organisational objectives.
  • Strategic thinking and planning: I would develop and implement strategic plans that address both immediate needs and long-term goals of the region. I would work closely with stakeholders to identify key opportunities and challenges, ensuring that our strategies are proactive and forward-thinking.
  • Effective communication skills: I would use my communication skills to effectively engage with community members, stakeholders, and team members. I believe in transparent and open communication, which is crucial for building trust and fostering strong relationships within the region.
  • Strong networking and relationship building: I would utilise my networking abilities to forge partnerships with key stakeholders, including local businesses, government entities, and community organisations. These relationships would be instrumental in driving regional initiatives.

How would you support ACE New Zealand's mahi in your region?

Supporting ACE New Zealand's mahi in my region involves aligning regional initiatives with the overall goals of the organisation, fostering collaboration, and leveraging regional strengths to contribute to the organisation's success.

  • Aligning regional goals with organisational objectives
  • Fostering collaboration and communication
  • Leveraging regional strengths
  • Supporting wider organisational initiatives
  • Enhancing community engagement

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