Ergo's team of engineers is as large as any focused on the power and energy industry in New Zealand. This is our focus - we are a relatively small but highly specialised company.

Ergo’s work, in our electrical team, involves conceptual and detailed design, supported by software simulation or modelling, for high voltage, power generation and distribution projects. Our civil and structural team provides general building analysis and design expertise across energy sector and for other projects in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Ergo also undertakes projects funded by NZ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

We have short reporting lines; we move quickly and are responsive. The owner works in the business and with our clients. With Ergo, what you see is what you get. We love engineering and design. Doing a good job, getting it right, is important. We tell you how it is; we are direct and, if need be, we stand our ground. We are transparent, open and honest.  It really does matter to us.

We care for our people. We look after them well, recognise there is life outside of work and share a sense of common purpose. Our team are passionate about what they do, believe in what Ergo is about and have high levels of job satisfaction. This makes them motivated to do a good job, to go the extra mile. They are inspired and this leads to great results for our customers, our team and our business.

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