FIDIC membership

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) is a global incorporation of consulting engineering companies, independents and private sector consulting engineers. 

FIDIC objectives are to: 

  • advance the ethical standards and quality of services offered to their communities by consulting engineers

  • promote business development and economic viability of the profession

  • encourage and facilitate the exchange of information between national Member Associations

  • provide leadership in furthering the collective interests of the profession by representing it internationally

ACE New Zealand joined FIDIC in 1973. Only one association of consulting engineers per country can qualify for membership. 

ACE New Zealand members benefit from the FIDIC membership by: 

  • Internationally recognised principles, forms and documentation relating to conditions of contract and engagement, professional liability and other client/consultant issues

  • International advocacy of best professional practice to influential client groups

  • International leadership on diverse issues such as quality management, environmental engineering and dispute resolution

  • The monitoring of international changes in client demands and practices

  • The orderly international development of consulting engineering and Associations of Consulting Engineers in developing countries

  • Fair engagement procedures increasingly adopted by the influential international lending agencies in response to FIDIC representations (Qualification Based Selection (QBS)

  • Networking and sharing information between members 

How FIDIC works

Much of FIDIC's work is carried out through representative Task and Standing Committees which prepare policy statements and publications. FIDIC's executive committee, elected annually, and the general manager conduct negotiations with diverse groups such as the international banks, the International Chambers of Commerce, the European community and representative groups in the construction industry. 

ACE New Zealand representation

Many ACE New Zealand members have held, or currently hold, positions on FIDIC's executive and task committees. 

All executive and task committee positions are voluntary and unpaid. Individual consulting engineers around the world give generously in the belief that sharing experience and international best practice will significantly advance the interests of its national members.


All of FIDIC's documents are available via their website