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Family-friendly workplaces: Tonkin + Taylor’s journey, learnings and insights

Webinar - October 29, 2020 at 12:00pm - 1pm


Join Doug Johnson, Managing Director of Tonkin + Taylor, to hear about the values and initiatives that underpin T+T’s commitment to being a family-friendly organisation.

Doug will share T+T’s journey; it’s goals, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked and the value that he has seen from this people-centric focus.

Joining Doug in this conversation will be:

  • Rebekah Fraser, The Back To Work Coach

  • Scarlett Ma from T+T’s People and Capability Team, and

  • Kate Searle, a recent Parental Returner at T+T

Rebekah will share the work she does with Parental Returners in support of T+T’s goals and outlines best practice recommendations for supporting returning and working parents, while Scarlett will speak to the rationale and details, and Kate to the lived experience of T+T’s initiatives.

This online event is a must-attend event for people leaders, implementers, decision-makers and working parents alike. We invite you to come along and join the conversation.

About the presenters

Doug Johnson, Managing Director of Tonkin + Taylor

Doug has been MD of T+T since 2010 and combines business leadership acumen with a career as an engineering geologist spanning more than 30 years. Since becoming MD, T+T has experienced strong growth (more than doubling in size) providing Doug with learnings in people leadership, strategic planning, implementation, change leadership and business management. Doug is passionate about people, the client experience, and technical solutions providing long term benefits to the community and the environment. On a personal level, Doug enjoys walking and is extremely family-focused - spending as much time as possible relaxing in the company of his wife and daughter.

Rebekah Fraser, founder of The Back To Work Coach

Rebekah is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach, who partners with organisations committed to attracting, retaining and developing female staff and achieving gender diversity and equality. Her one-on-one and group coaching programs and workshops are designed to support parents transitioning back to work after Parental Leave, managing the on-going demands of working parenthood, and up-skilling people leaders to best support parents within the organisation. Rebekah loves trail running and lives in Hobsonville with her husband and young daughter.

Scarlett Ma, Service Lead - Analytics and Insights

Scarlett holds a Masters degree in Psychology and has been with the T+T People + Capability team since 2015. Working across several services such as Analytics, Remuneration & Benefits, and Capability, she believes that data-driven insights should be at the heart of strategic decision making. Scarlett has also recently returned from Parental Leave and is still learning to juggle work and being a new mum. In her spare time, Scarlett enjoys badminton and playing board games.

Kate Searle, Senior Planner at Tonkin + Taylor

Kate is a Senior Planner at T+T, holds a Masters of Environmental Policy and is a member of the New Zealand Planning Institute. She has worked at T+T for more than 10 years in both the Wellington and Auckland offices after starting as a graduate in 2006. Kate has broad experience across a wide range of planning projects, with a particular interest in policy analysis. Kate has had two experiences of returning to work after Parental Leave and lives in Wellington with her husband and two small children.

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Register for the event