Feedback request on New Zealand's trade policy

This is a reminder that there’s still time to share your views on the future of New Zealand’s trade policy – Trade for All. Submissions close on 14 October.

We want to hear from you

It’s really important we hear from everyone who has a stake in our trade policy.

We want to hear from you on how trade policy can help our businesses succeed internationally.

We’re asking: how can trade grow our regions in general and the Māori economy in particular? How can trade policy, together with other policies, promote the rights of indigenous people and increase women’s participation in the tradable sector?  How can we protect our unique environment, support sustainable and inclusive economic growth and get the best out of our existing and future trade deals?


Share your views

We’re inviting people to share their views on Trade for All at

You can leave your comments or answer our quick poll questions.

Or, if you’d like to make a longer submission, please email this to


What happens after submissions close on 14 October?

A report will be produced which takes into account all views received throughout the Trade for All consultation.

This report will be made publicly available and will also be provided to the Trade for All Advisory Board.

The Board will soon start work on identifying and discussing key issues for a Trade for All policy.

Members of the Board are still to be confirmed, but they will be New Zealanders with a wide range of views, knowledge and experience. The Board will be chaired by trade expert David Pine who brings extensive experience in the public and private sectors.

Feedback from New Zealanders, along with the Board’s recommendations, will inform the development of the Trade for All policy by June 2019.


Please contact the Trade for All team with any queries at