Flow Transportation Specialists Ltd is a transportation planning, travel behaviour and traffic engineering consultancy specialising in the investigation, development and implementation of strategies and projects to manage traffic and promote awareness with regard to transport choices. We have a wealth if experience, both in New Zealand and internationally, and we are involved in a wide variety of substantial transportation projects throughout New Zealand. Flow Transportation Specialists is directed by Andie Crafer, Bronwyn Coomer-Smit and Ian Clark.Flow PhilosophyOur philosophies at Flow are as follows:


We want to help to achieve safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly, prosperous and social communities whilst increasing accessibility for all, to make New Zealand a better place to live.

Through our work, we will encourage integrated land use and transport planning to reduce vehicle trips and trip lengths and promote healthier forms of travel.

We will provide our staff with oppourtunites to be involved in varied and interesting projects, ensuring that they have the necessary support to develop throughout their career and that we provide a happy and rewarding work environment.

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Flow Transportation Specialists