Foundations of Sustainability Auckland

Tonkin + Taylor - March 14, 2018 at 9:00am - 4:30pm


This one-day workshop will introduce some of the foundational aspects of sustainability in the built environment. It is targeted to engineers who are in the initial stages of their career or for those who have recognised they need to have a broader and more up to date understanding of sustainability within their professional practice. Although this workshop is oriented towards engineers it is also relevant for planners, urban designers, architects and other built environment practitioners.

Sustainability has become a critical consideration for any built environment project and one that is the responsibility for all practitioners to interpret and incorporate effectively into their work. This workshop will support built environment professionals to understand what role sustainability plays in their particular context.

Drawing from the updated Engineering NZ Sustainability Practice Guidance also being launched in 2018, this workshop will include sessions on:

What is sustainability?

  • Exploring sustainability and what it means in the built environment context.

Critical sustainability issues:

  • Global sustainability issues impacting the NZ built environment (such as climate change, carbon, waste, resource depletion, degradation of the natural environment, poverty and inequality).   

Responses and tools:

  • Global and local sustainability responses that influence the current and future dynamics of our built environment.
  • Tools, frameworks and ways of working that enable the integration of sustainability considerations into built environment projects

Application examples:

  • How sustainability is being embedded into different contexts (such as water, transport, waste, buildings and asset management and energy).


This workshop will provide a broad overview of the key sustainability drivers and issues and some practical ways in which the built environment community is integrating sustainability into their work.

Presenter information

This workshop will be delivered by members of The Sustainability Society who are working at the leading edge of sustainability in different parts of the built environment sector. Collectively they bring vast experience of the practical application of sustainability from both here and overseas.   

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