With the recent update to the Health and Safety at Work Act, businesses now have increased responsibility to provide a safe working environment to staff, visitors and to promote safe activity for all New Zealanders.



WorkSafe New Zealand is the work health and safety regulator for New Zealand. In addition, other government agencies can be designated to carry out health and safety regulatory functions for certain work. In general, WorkSafe aims to monitor and enforce compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), providing guidance, advice and information on health and safety.

They have a dedicated area on the site that focuses on health and safety issues in the construction industry, which you can view here. In addition, they provide quick quidelines to those who are managing or on a small construction site, view here.



We are currently working with Worksafe to develop a set of industry guidelines that pertain more to engineering and the work we do on a daily basis. As we have updates to this initiative, they will be posted for Members only.

In late 2016, ACENZ submitted feedback on the draft Worksafe Health and Safety by Design document. ACENZ Members can view the draft document and the ACENZ feedback here (note: this is only for ACENZ Members, you will be asked to login to view).

In addition, we recently offered a Health and Safety Workshop just before our 2017 Annual Conference and are working on expanding much of the content of that workshop into an online webinar or other learning module available only for ACENZ Members.


H&S for Directors and SMEs

Until we get our guidelines up and running, we are happy to point you in the direction of other potentially useful resources out there. Below find a few links to guidelines, advice or articles that may be of interest in the Health and Safety space for Directors, SMEs or business managers, put together jointly by WorkSafe and the Institute of Directors.