Health and Safety at Work Strategy

The Health and Safety at Work Strategy was launched last week, setting out the Government's vision for improving workplace health and safety across New Zealand over the next ten years.

The Strategy:

  • Sets a clear direction for New Zealand, providing a shared vision for where we want to get to, and what we need to do to get there.
  • Identifies the common capability gaps and opportunities, through a set of goals and priorities that help us focus our efforts.
  • Supports better coordination, by providing visibility of the different roles we have and a framework to talk to each other about how we're working towards better health and safety.
  • Improves measurement, through the work to build a better picture of New Zealand's overall health and safety.


The Strategy was developed with a range of stakeholders, informed by research and public consultation on the draft Strategy. We thank you if you've made a submission or attended a workshop.

The next step will be to turn the Strategy's vision into action.