Industry outreach

ACE New Zealand acts as The Trusted Advisor to various industry organisations and government bodies throughout New Zealand and the World. Our leadership team regularly is consulted by Ministers on matters pertaining to the built and natural environment. Our Chief Executive keeps tabs on current and proposed new legislation to advocate on Members behalf that are relevant to our business.

While what we do benefits the wider industry, only our Members have the opportunity to shape and contribute to the message we present to stakeholders and decision-makers. If you are a Member and have a particular view or message you would like us to represent, please reach out and let us know. 


MBIE's Building System Legislative Reform

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment are proposing major changes to New Zealand’s building laws to improve the quality of building work. These are the most significant reforms since the current Building Act was introduced in 2004.

See ACE New Zealand's submission 


Queenstown Lakes District Council - Producer Statements

A joint effort between ACE New Zealand and IPENZ in regards to the QLDC Producer Statements that have recently been requested as a part of the consenting process. These documents are highly similar to the copyrighted Producer Statement documents owned by our organisations and we are advocating on behalf of the industry a cooperative relationship between consultant and council. 

See the joint ACE New Zealand and IPENZ letter to QLDC ere

See the Producer Statements 

Buildings (Earthquake Prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is consulting on the regulations and a methodology that set the new approach for identifying and managing earthquake-prone buildings.

See the MBIE briefing document here

See the ACE New Zealand response here


Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is seeking feedback on the Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill before it is introduced to Parliament.

Though mostly minor, many of the proposed changes in the Bill involve technical and/or specialist matters. Consultation through the release of this exposure draft will help to minimise any risk of unintended consequences from legislative change.

See the MBIE DRAFT bill here

See the joint ACE New Zealand and IPENZ Submission here

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

The overarching purpose of this bill is to create a resource management system that achieves the sustainable management of natural and physical resources in an efficient and equitable way. Originally introduced in 2015, the current status of the Bill can be found here

See the proposed Bill here

See the Joint Submission by ACE New Zealand, IPENZ, CCNZ, and Water NZ here

Health & Safety at Work Act

In 2013 the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety reported that New Zealand's work health and safety system was failing.

As a result, New Zealand's work health and safety system underwent its most significant reforms for 20 years resulting in the establishment of WorkSafe New Zealand and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) - New Zealand's workplace health and safety law which came into effect on 4 April 2016.

HSWA recognises that a well-functioning health and safety system relies on participation, leadership, and accountability by government, business and workers.

HSWA sets out the principles, duties and rights in relation to workplace health and safety. 

A guiding principle of HSWA is that workers and others need to be given the highest level of protection from workplace health and safety risks, as is reasonable.

See ACE New Zealand's response to the Worksafe view on H&S by Design