Industry Partners

ACENZ works alongside similar industry organisations in the engineering and built and natural environment to achieve the maximum amount of good for both the public and our Members. Our principal partners are listed first, followed by other organisations you may have interest in learning more about. To access any of the below organisation websites, just click on their logo below to be re-directed.


Principal Partners


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The Consulting Engineers Advancement Society - known simply as CEAS, they are a risk management organisation providing risk management advice, loss prevention information, group insurance (including professional indemnity), claims management and assistance to those professionals working in the engineering and built environments. CEAS is prominent in its support of the profession at large, particularly by coopering with IPENZ and ACENZ to formulate Agreements for Consultant Engagement. Find out more about CEAS here.


Engineering New Zealand 

Engineering New Zealand. Our sister organisation, Engineering New Zealand focuses on the technical and educational components of individual consulting engineers. While Engineering New Zealand Members are indivuals, ACENZ Members are the companies and firms. We share similar roles and goals such as advocacy and offering training and awards for the industry. Engineering New Zealand is the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng), and also handles disciplinary matters for engineers on an individual level. Find out more about Engineering New Zealand here.



The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia. IPWEA NZ is the society to uphold and improve the status of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand and throughout Australasia. IPWEA NZ has individual and company memberships available for those involved in the engineering industry and in public asset management (such as local councils, government bodies, etc). Find out more about IPWEA NZ here.



The Civil Contractors New Zealand. CCNZ is a firm based membership organisation which represents civil engineering, construction and general contracting sectors. Members range from sole practitioners to large companies providing the building and maintenance of New Zealand's infrastructure, transport, and public services both to the public and private sector. ACENZ partners with CCNZ every 2-3 years by holding a joint conference to encourage networking and collaboration between engineers and contractors. Find out more about CCNZ here.



The New Zealand Institute of Architects. NZIA is the professional body for the promotion and celebration of architecture in enhancing the built environment. NZIA has individual membership and focuses on technical training and certification among other recognition and training programmes. Many architects work closely with engineers, the former focusing more on design of structures and places. The collaboration between ACENZ and NZIA have led to some of the most beautifully constructed marvels in New Zealand. Find out more about NZIA here.


Registration Authority

The Registration Authority is a branch of IPENZ, tasked with the certification and maintenance of the Chartered Professional Engineers programme. Not all engineers must be CPEng certified to practise and CPEng qualifications must be renewed every 6 years. This certification however is a prestigious recognition which recognises engineers who have thoroughly trained and maintain up to date knowledge and practice in a given discipline. Find out more about the Registration Authority here.