IPWEA NZ's Engineer's Representative and Contractor's Representative Workshop

Two choices of dates: March 12-13 in Wellington or May 8-9 in Rotorua. The two day IPWEA NZ “Engineer’s Representative and Contractor’s Representative” workshop is targeted at those new to involvement on construction contracts,  developing sound understanding of these two key roles in construction contract management. Multiple dates and locations offered.


Workshop content covers the project life cycle, including project definition, legal, documentation and procurement issues, communications and the various functions needing to be performed by the appointed representatives, such as programming, resourcing, inspections and testing, quality management, extensions of time entitlements, ordering or claiming of variations, payment assessment and claims, contract completion, all from the perspective of NZS 3910:2013 contracts. Trainees work together on solving practical problems in simulated situations and receive detailed guidance in takeaway manuals  and from role playing experiences, to improve their effectiveness in real world situations. More than 1,000 trainees have attended this workshop during the last decade.  

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