Lee Huang

Company: DTCE Structural Engineering

Job title: Structural engineer

What Regional Chair position are you interested in? Wellington

About Lee

I have been working as a structural engineer since 2013. My range of work covers buildings (residential and commercial), temporary work for construction, and civil structures (retaining structures). 

I am now entering a career period where management responsibilities, client relationships and satisfaction, employment and financial management are playing a bigger part.

What strengths do you bring to the Regional Chair role?

I work for a small-medium sized firm and understand the challenges SMEs face. DTCE is also part of a regional consenting team, which allows me to see industry trends more clearly than others.

My understanding of elements outside of the technical aspects of engineering allows me to pay attention to critical factors such as client relationships, teamwork and industry trends.

How would you support ACE's mahi in your region?

I want to help ACE to have a better understanding of what is happening on the ground. Additionally, DTCE's high-standard practices align with ACE's quality mark, thereby helping to promote ACE’s quality branding.

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