ACE New Zealand is a professional association promoting the commercial interests of its members, advancing the practice of consulting engineering and other professionals in the built and natural environment, providing information and assistance to clients and the public. ACE New Zealand members hold professional qualifications and practical experience. Members must not have any direct or indirect interest in any commercial or contracting business which might compromise the impartiality of their advice to clients. Members are bound by a Code of Ethics.

ACE New Zealand exists to improve the environment in which its members work by representing members and participating in the work of Government and other authorities, setting and maintaining professional standards, providing appropriate practice guidelines, procedures and documentation, and helping members to enhance their business skills.

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Value of an ACE New Zealand membership

  • Reputation - ACE New Zealand represents over 95% of all consulting engineers throughout New Zealand. There is a reason why we are trusted by such a majority of business leaders in your industry. Join us and find out why
  • Advocacy - ACE New Zealand is one of the few professional organisations that actually achieve results year over year when it comes to advocating on behalf of the Members. We have strong relationships with the key Ministers and policy setters at the leading client bodies and as a result, we are often approached to contribute our viewpoint on a new piece of legislation or policy or to nominate an expert Chair for a working panel
  • Business tools - Being a member comes with perks, like a library of business tools you can implement in your own firm to save time and money. We are developing an SME Handbook which contains best practice guidelines and templates. In the meantime, we have a range of practice and guidance notes to help guide you along the way. View a sample practice note  
  • Relationships - ACE New Zealand has worked hard to foster the relationships we hold and a few examples including holding MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with the following organisations:

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ACE New Zealand offers two primary types of membership: Ordinary and Associate. You can find out more on each type by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink below. If you want to speak to someone in your area about membership and what the value could be, reach out to your local Regional Chair. The Regional Chair is our representative on the ground with their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry in your area.