National Construction Pipeline Report 2018

The Minister of Building and Construction, Jenny Salesa, launched the 6th Annual National Construction Pipeline Report this morning. This year’s forecast indicates a smoothing of the boom-bust cycle, providing more certainty and confidence to support sector transformation.

Below you can download a copy of the full report, and a companion summary guide – both are available on the MBIE website.

Download the 2018 National Construction Pipeline Report

Download the 2018 Guide to the National Construction Pipeline Report

We will not be releasing the National Construction Occupations Model report at the same time as the Pipeline this year. The last occupations projections relied on 2013 Census data.  The data from this year’s Census will become available later in 2018, and represents a better platform to forecast from, particularly as we move to also incorporate changes in construction methods.

Many thanks for your contribution to producing this report. If you have any questions about the report please email

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Lisa Docherty