Develop a more sustainable business - DETA Carbon Roadmap to 2050

One of the most pressing concerns for businesses is sustainability and how it fits into their current operations. Companies all around the world are seeking opportunities that will allow them to flourish in the new green economy.  Continue reading

Headscarves and hard hats - with structural engineer Atiqa Rashid

New Zealand welcomed Atiqa Rashid with 'open hands' when she and her family moved from Pakistan five years ago. As the first female civil engineer in the 61-year history of Pakistan Railways, Atiqa was used to standing out in the crowd, but she felt right at home.  Continue reading

There's real power in the collective voice - with Susan Freeman-Greene

In the five years that Susan Freeman-Greene has been Chief Executive of Engineering New Zealand, a lot has changed. She has seen real value in the collective voice when organisations pull together for the betterment of Aotearoa. Recently appointed Chief Executive of Local Government New Zealand, we sat down and talked to Susan about our sector and the many challenges we face along the way.  Continue reading

Cities need to change to cater for people with disabilities - with Bridget Burdett

Chartered engineer and researcher with MRCagney, Bridget Burdett is a leading thinker in inclusiveness and human-centred planning in transport. We caught up with her to talk about inclusiveness in the workplace and how cities need to change to cater for people with disabilities.  Continue reading

It's time for change - with Sina Cotter Tait

Director of Collective Success in Christchurch, Sina Cotter Tait would like to see more equity in our sector for Maori and Pasifika. When she's not championing diversity, she's studying for her PhD and sitting on several boards. Continue reading

We need to continue to be vigilant with health and safety on the worksite post COVID-19

CHASNZ GM of Health and Safety Innovation, Jon Harper-Slade says we must continue to be vigilant in adhering to health and safety on the worksite. We can't only focus on COVID-19.  Continue reading

Encouragement is vital for women working in the engineering and consulting sector says Ida Dowling

When Ida Dowling was elected President of ACE New Zealand, she became the first woman to hold the position. We caught up with her to find out what makes her tick and get her thoughts on being a woman in the engineering and consulting industry.   Continue reading

Flexi-time makes staff more engaged, more motivated and have ownership of their role at Harrison Grierson - with Glen Cornelius

Staff at engineering and design consultancy Harrison Grierson are encouraged to negotiate their working arrangements with management. We caught up with Managing Director Glen Cornelius to see how the system works and the benefits for employees and the company. Continue reading

Who is the ACE New Zealand Board?

Our Board provides governance for ACE New Zealand as well as monitoring our performance. They also set our strategic direction, and importantly, protect the integrity of the organisation by ensuring that robust systems are in place. Continue reading

We're proposing changes to the way we appoint our board - here's why

Based on member feedback, ACE New Zealand has been placing a strong focus on ensuring greater transparency around the nomination and election process for our Board.  Continue reading