Monday to Friday, 8 - 5 doesn't get the best out of employees with Tony Harrison

Urban Connection Director Tony Harrison joined us to look at how a good work-life balance for staff and managers contributes to improved business outcomes.  Continue reading

How to return to work in the construction industry during COVID-19 with Jon Harper-Slade

We caught up with Jon Harper-Slade, GM Health and Safety Innovation for CHASNZ to look at the implications of the new COVID-19 protocols on the construction industry. Continue reading

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 - what it means for consulting and engineering businesses

We now know the exact date that we will reduce to COVID-19 Alert Level 3. Continue reading

An online quiz led Mathew Waghorn to engineering

ACE New Zealand 2018 Student Award winner Mathew Waghorn talks to us about the benefits of winning the award and what life's like as a recent engineering graduate.  Continue reading

Raye Powell believes we now have a more sophisticated understanding of the value of women in engineering

Waitangi Wharf on the Chatham Islands was near the end of its structural life and required a significant redevelopment. Raye Powell was part of the team which constructed a 163m long breakwater, reclaimed 9,500sqm of land and redeveloped the commercial and fishing wharves making a massive difference to the port and the lives of the people on the Chathams.  Raye Powell was the design lead for the upgrade which won gold at the 2019 ACE Awards. The Memorial Park Alliance comprised of New Zealand Transport Agency, HEB Construction, Downer, Tonkin + Taylor, and AECOM. Associate Director in the Civil Infrastructure Division at AECOM, Raye sat down and spoke to us from the Islands where she was checking-in to see how the wharf was doing. Continue reading

Fast track: a year’s worth of digital change in three months with Andrew Maher

We caught up with Aurecon's Chief Digital Officer, Andrew Maher about how COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation at an alarming pace.  Continue reading

Two key components for a new way of doing business - people and work, with Andrew Read

Many businesses are currently defining what "business as usual" means as New Zealand battles with COVID-19. Christchurch-based electrical engineering firm Pedersen Read director Andrew Read shares the lessons he learned from the Christchurch earthquakes and how he focused on his businesses priorities.  Continue reading

Making the best out of working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown - with Kathryn Jackson

Kathryn Jackson supported businesses as they returned to 'normal' after the Christchurch quakes. A performance coach at Careerbalance and author, Kathryn says, like the quakes, the COVID-19 lockdown means almost all of us are working from home. She describes these challenges and how we can make the best out of the situation. Continue reading

Covid-19 wage subsides for businesses

Since moving to COVID-19 Alert Level 4 in Aotearoa, the government has changed the way employers apply for a wage subsidy.  Continue reading

Miguel Montalla loves engineering's unsolvable problems

We sat down and talked to recent graduate and 2018 Student Award winner Miguel Montalla about his new career at Beca.  Continue reading