University can’t teach you everything – with recent graduate Sheryl Wong

ACE New Zealand 2018 Student Award winner Sheryl Wong discusses her leap from university to the professional industry and what it meant to win the Student Award.   Continue reading

2 April e-News

It is an unprecedented time for the construction and infrastructure sectors in Aotearoa. There's already much talk of construction and infrastructure playing a pivotal role in our economic recovery.  Continue reading

It’s physical distancing, not social isolation

While we move into the reality of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are hearing more stories about how social isolation is becoming a real burden for some teams. Continue reading

Caring for your staff in times of stress

The longer the Covid-19 lockdown continues, the more critical staff care will become. Continue reading

Chris Maguire takes nothing for granted

We caught up with Chris Maguire, winner of the Emerging Leader Award at the 2019 ACE Awards. At the time of winning the award, Chris was Stantec’s South Island Group Manager for water. Continue reading

Strategic Masterclass with Alicia McKay

Eloise Angus is our Digital Communications Specialist at ACE New Zealand. She attended the one-day Strategic Leaders Masterclass with Alicia McKay.  Continue reading

Tips for managing a remote team

The way we manage a remote work team has never been so important as now as Aotearoa works through the early stages of Covid-19 lockdown. Continue reading

26 March e-News

Last week the Government announced the COVID-19 Leave Payment Scheme and Wage Subsidy Scheme to support people who should self-isolate but might be deterred because of financial reasons.   Continue reading

19 March e-News

On Tuesday the Government unveiled a $12.1 billion support package for the New Zealand economy, with almost half of the cash to be spent on a wage subsidy package for all coronavirus-impacted businesses. Continue reading

How ACE New Zealand is preparing for Covid-19

It’s a time of considerable uncertainty. No one knows what the best way to respond is, but undoubtedly we must take this seriously. So, with that in mind, I am sharing what we are doing as an organisation. Continue reading