In addition to ordinary and associate ACE New Zealand memberships, we have two additional categories - retired and honorary.


To qualify for retired ordinary membership, you must first have held Ordinary ACE New Zealand membership. When you (or your firm) have deemed it time to retire (minimum age of 55 applies), please contact ACE New Zealand staff in writing (email or letter) to inform us of your retirement, or ceasing from practice. We can then convert your existing membership into retired ordinary membership. There is no annual fee for retired membership. The retired membership includes the following benefits and access:

  • Receive the Trusted Advisor (ACE New Zealand quarterly/seasonal e-newsletter).

It is an important distinction to note that retired members have ceased from actively practising within the profession of consulting engineering. For full rules of retired membership, see our practice note on Rules of the Association.


From time to time, ACE New Zealand recognises long-term commitment and volunteer service by individuals to the Association through bestowing Honorary Life Membership. This prestigious standing is currently held by the following individuals:


Year Name Location
1972 E R Garden Deceased (1999)
1990 R M McLeay Retired, Christchurch 
1990 G S Beca  Deceased (2001) 
1992 Steve Gentry  Retired, Wellington 
2001 Alec McCulloch  Retried, Auckland 
2012 Ken Shores  Retired, Auckland 
2012 George Butcher  Retired, Masterton 
2012 Ian Fraser  Retired, Wellington 
2012 Murray Spicer  MacDonald Barnett, Auckland 
2012 Adam Thornton  Dunning Thornton, Wellington 
2012 Arthur Park  Clendon, Burns & Park, Wellington 
2012 Don Houchen  Deceased (2013) 
2012 Enrico Vink  FIDIC, Switzerland 
2016 Allan Leahy  Stantec, Auckland 
2016 Andrew Charleson  Wellington 
2016 David Bridges  Good Earth Matters, Palmerston North 
2016 Peter Riley  Riley Consultants (Retired), Auckland 
2016 Bob Nelligan  RJ Nelligan, Auckland 
2016 Ernst Sansom  Melrose Property Consultancy, Auckland 
2016 Gavin Still  GA Still (Retired), Auckland 
2016 Ray O'Callaghan  O'Callaghan Design Limited, Wellington 
2016 Stephen Jenkins  Aurecon, Wellington 
2016 Andrew Read  Pedersen Read, Christchurch 
2016 Brent Meekan  Beca, Auckland 
2016 Graham Chapman  AECOM, Auckland 
2016 Lyall Green Design Management Consultants, Hamilton 
2017 Keryn Kliskey Opus International Consultants, Auckland 
2019 Brett harries Stantec, Auckland
2019 Alistair Cattanach Dunning Thornton, Wellington