Project Awards

The project awards are officially known as the INNOVATE NZ Awards of Excellence.


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What are the INNOVATE Awards about?

In a nutshell, the INNOVATE Awards are for projects and consulting work that raise the bar of performance. They award projects that shift what is considered standard practise in the industry. It's about more than delivering "business as usual" or just doing a good job. Clients should expect that of any ACENZ Member. But to win an INNOVATE Award means that the project delivered and "above and beyond" experience or work to the client. They changed the game, and elevated the industry. We choose to recognise this type of achievement as it constantly sets a new bar to achieve and thus continually evolves the talent and innovation within the industry. Learn more about the general process, download our guidance documents and more here.

See the 2018 Projects and winners here and the 2017 projects and winners here. When a project has been identified as an exceptional community project, the judging panel can choose to bestow a Community Award, learn more about the past winners of the Community Award here.

You can find photos of past events, awards, and conferences on our Facebook Page or our Flickr Page.


What can an award be made for?

The INNOVATE Awards are the top engineering AND consulting awards in the construction, infrastructure, built, and natural industries. They recognise excellence of achievement and are awarded for things that create a NEW level of business as usual.

It is often misunderstood that the winners are for innovative work only...untrue. Past winners have been recognised for such things as:

  • excellence in the consulting relationship
  • innovation in design
  • innovation in the consulting solution (finding a unique answer for the client)
  • or unique applications of existing technology

These are just a few examples of the type of meritorious efforts that have been rewarded in the past. Due to this constant evolution and striving to advance the standards, what is award worthy in the past won't necessarily be award worthy in the future. The awards celebrate this constant evolution of excellence.


What can be entered?

Historically, the entries focus on civil or structural projects, but the awards cover all facets of engineering and consulting. We want to encourage the constant evolution of excellence within the industry for both consulting and engineering work amid an array of practice and different types of consultancy work.

Examples of projects that aren't often considered include:

  • intimate/boutique projects
  • planning and resource management projects
  • consenting work
  • biotech projects
  • IT or digital deliverables
  • mechanical, fire, project management, building services, etc
  • consider flood protection, environmental, contaminated sites or heritage work

While the above are mere examples of less considered projects, we want to emphasise that all projects are welcome to enter. It's less about the project itself and more about the quality of work and consulting delivered.


What's involved in the process?

This is probably the most unknown part of the project awards...just how intensive the review process is. For starters, the INNOVATE Awards are not bound by categories and so there is no requirement to hand out an award if there are no worthy projects for a particular year. All projects are judged on their individual merit against the current industry standards and benchmarks for that year, both domestically and internationally. That means the only comparison we make is against "the bar" of current practice, technology, innovation, and service.

The judging panel is composed of between 25-35 judges, all experts in their given field with years of experience and knowledge to utilise in the process. Each project is assigned between 3-6 judges with specialist expertise in that field to read and review the entry. Of each project team, one Lead Judge and one Judge will often conduct in-person client and site visits to investigate the claims made in the submission. The judges will reach out to any major stakeholder involved in the process, often including the lead contractor, secondary client, or asset holder if applicable. The project is not only evaluated on what was delivered, but also considers the intrinsic human element...the client satisfaction and consulting relationship for the project.

After the project team has read and inspected (through physical site visits for most projects) the entries, the entire judging panel comes together over 2 days to hash it all out before the full panel makes a final decision of whether or not to award a recognition to the project.

As mentioned, the INNOVATE Awards do not have categories, but there are tiers of recognition. Gold (the premiere tier) acknowledges a superior project for innovative achievement or outstanding service which goes above and beyond the standard. Silver acknowledges projects which clearly demonstrate an great achievement and service to the client or for smart or innovative technology or project solutions. Finally, Merit is for projects which demonstrate a standard above that which normally could be expected from a project in either innovation or consulting delivery.


So now what?

If you are interested in entering the INNOVATE Awards, go ahead and familiarise yourself with a few of the documents below. We suggest you read through the full T&Cs in our G62 Guideline. The G62 details out what information should be covered in your written submission along with terms, conditions, and requirements to entry. Click here to submit, or here for the 2019 guidelines

We have finalised the dates for the 2019 process as below:

  • Expressions of Interest due - Tuesday, 12th February
  • ACENZ will touch base with any issues on EOI no later than Friday, 22nd February
  • Submissions (which include entry form details) due - Friday, 8th March
  • Winners informed - Friday, 5th July
  • Last day to purchase magazine ads - Friday, 12th July
  • Last day to purchase Award Gala tickets - Friday, 2nd August
  • Awards Dinner Gala in Christchurch - Friday, 9th August

If at any time you have questions, reach out to a member of the ACENZ staff or email