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Protect your business from cybercrime

Webinar - July 05, 2023 at 12:00pm - 12:15pm


Learn three simple steps to protect your identity, your family, and your business's reputation when it comes to cybersecurity in this lightning 15-minute webinar with the managing director and owner of Vertech IT Services, Daniel Watson. 

Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle for businesses as hackers and fraud schemes become more advanced and stealthy. Don’t be fooled into thinking your business isn’t at risk because you aren’t a mega-company such as Facebook or Google. 

About the presenter 

Daniel has been the owner/operator of Vertech IT Services since 2010. His areas of focus are building a best-in-class managed services and security provider, advising on security and regulatory compliance and supporting clients with scalable resilient cloud solutions. 


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