RDCL’s reputation is built on tackling big jobs. From the beginning, we have completed projects that tested our capacity, technical ability and often, individual physical resolve. When you strive to be the best, that is what you have to do. Our success is evident in our enviable safety record, repeat business, and long-term relationships.

Our assets are exceptional people and clients. We have no demarcation. When you engage us, we join with you to achieve a common goal. That is what it means to be whanau - the central concept and pillar to RDCL's culture. It dictates the way we treat each other and work with you; with respect, trust, support and reciprocity.

We take our business journey, towards bigger goals, in the steps of Rongokako. The ancestral giant represented in our logo, Te Mata o Rongokako (The face of Rongokako), was a man of immense stature and heroic drive. We invite you to join us on this journey, and thank our whanau who have already made that choice.

Resource Development Consultants (Wellington) 15sc

Resource Development Consultants (Wellington)