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producer_statement_ps1_design Producer Statement PS1 - Design

ace_new_zealand_rules ACE New Zealand Rules

All ACE New Zealand members agree to abide by the ACE New Zealand rules.

our_business_industry_snapshot_report_2017 Our Business Industry Snapshot Report 2017

A snapshot of the engineering and consulting industry in 2017.

60th_ace_new_zealand_anniversary_faces_of_engineering 60th ACE New Zealand Anniversary Faces of Engineering

60 Year ACE New Zealand Anniversary 1959 - 2019 Faces of Engineering. A look through time at ACE New Zealand and the engineering and consulting sector.

our_business_industry_snapshot_report_2015 Our Business Industry Snapshot Report 2015

A snapshot of the engineering and consulting industry in 2015.

2018_19_annual_report 2018/19 Annual Report

ACE New Zealand Annual Report 2018/19.

2017_18_annual_report 2017/18 Annual Report

ACE New Zealand Annual Report 2017/18.

2018_agm_minutes 2018 AGM Minutes

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2018 Minutes.

2018_agm_agenda 2018 AGM Agenda

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2018 Agenda.

2019_agm_minutes 2019 AGM Minutes

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2019 Minutes.

2019_agm_agenda 2019 AGM Agenda

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2019 Agenda.

producer_statement_ps2_design_review Producer Statement PS2 - Design Review

producer_statement_ps4_construction_review Producer Statement PS4 - Construction Review

producer_statement_guidelines Producer Statement Guidelines

Guidelines to encourage consistent, reasonable and appropriate practice in issuing and accepting producer statements originating from Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng).

conditions_of_contract_for_consultancy_services_cccs Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS)

conditions_of_contract_for_consultancy_services_cccs_guidelines Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS) Guidelines

A guide to the changes made to the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS).

special_conditions_specific_conditions_of_contract_part_a Special Conditions Specific Conditions of Contract Part A

Special conditions Part A to the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (CCCS).

special_conditions_specific_conditions_of_contract_part_b Special Conditions Specific Conditions of Contract Part B

short_form_agreement Short Form Agreement

briefing_and_engagement_for_engineering_services_guidelines Briefing and Engagement for Engineering Services Guidelines

A guide for commercial clients in considering the principal issues involved in briefing, selecting and engaging consulting engineers.

innovate_awards_magazine_2019 Innovate Awards magazine 2019

Read the Innovate Awards 2019 magazine.

innovate_awards_magazine_2018 Innovate Awards magazine 2018

Read the Innovate Awards 2018 magazine.

innovate_awards_magazine_2017 Innovate Awards magazine 2017

Read the Innovate Awards 2017 magazine.

innovate_awards_magazine_2016 Innovate Awards magazine 2016

Read the Innovate Awards 2016 magazine.

innovate_awards_magazine_2015 Innovate Awards magazine 2015

Read the Innovate Awards 2015 magazine.

innovate_awards_magazine_2014 Innovate Awards magazine 2014

Read the Innovate Awards 2014 magazine.

progress_payment_certificate_memo_2014 Progress Payment Certificate Memo (2014)

A memo explaining ACE New Zealand withdrew the Progress Payment Certificate in 2004 with the intention of providing an alternative.

project_risk_estimator_tool Project Risk Estimator Tool

For professional consultants and clients to estimate a reasonable range for the consultants maximum liability.

subconsultant_agreement Subconsultant Agreement

Shortform Agreement for Subconsultant Engagement.

subconsultant_agreement_guide_to_changes Subconsultant Agreement Guide to Changes

A guide of the changes to the Shortform Agreement.

special_conditions_for_design_and_construct_contracts Special Conditions for Design and Construct Contracts

Part B of the Tender Design Services for a D&C Contract.

special_conditions_for_panel_agreements Special Conditions for Panel Agreements

Specific Conditions of Contract for Panel Agreements.

task_order_pro_forma Task Order Pro Forma

Task order template.

risk_insurance_webinar_9_october_2018_presentation Risk & Insurance Webinar - 9 October 2018 - Presentation

remuneration_survey_summary_report_august_2019 Remuneration Survey Summary Report 2019

A summary of the Remuneration Survey 2019.

personnel_survey_summary_2019 Personnel Survey Summary 2019

A summary of the Personnel Survey 2019.

personnel_survey_summary_2018 Personnel Survey Summary 2018

A summary of the Personnel Survey 2018.

personnel_survey_summary_2017 Personnel Survey Summary 2017

A summary of the Personnel Survey 2017.

personnel_survey_summary_2016 Personnel Survey Summary 2016

A summary of the Personnel Survey 2016.

b72_emergency_management_for_consulting_engineers B72 - Emergency management for consulting engineers

Emergency management preparedness for you and your staff. This document covers the role of individuals and agencies, preparing priority response agreements and standard contracts, current legislation and agreements that impact on risks and liability; and where to get more information on legislation, training.

p45_structural_engineering_design_office_practice P45 - Structural engineering design office practice

Defining the fundamentals of acceptable office practice for structural engineering design.

p44_design_for_safety_in_buildings_and_other_structures P44 - Design for safety in buildings and other structures

For designers of building disciplines to understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of others in relation to designing for safety.

p41_project_management_as_a_service_by_consulting_engineers P41 - Project management as a service by consulting engineers

Project management principals for engineering consultants.

design_build_and_other_types_of_collaborative_contracts Design Build and other types of collaborative contracts

Issues when delivering a design and build project.

p18_consultants_deed_of_professional_care P18 - Consultant's Deed of Professional Care

Deed for the consultant of professional care.

p16_qualification_based_selection P16 - Qualification Based Selection

Benefits of Qualification based Selection (QBS).

the_construction_contracts_act_2002_and_the_role_of_the_contractor The Construction Contracts Act 2002 and the role of the contractor

An interpretation of the way the Act will be applied for contract administration (as it may affect a consulting engineer or architect).

b65_risk_management_under_the_rma B65 - Risk management under the RMA

Outlines the more common cases where prosecution may occur, where the liabilities may lie, and what defences could be sought under the RMA.

b54_the_contractual_mistakes_act_1977_contractual_remedies_act_1979_and_the_fair_trading_act_1986 B54 - The Contractual Mistakes Act 1977, Contractual Remedies Act 1979 and the Fair Trading Act 1986

A guide to The Contractual Mistakes Act 1977, Contractual Remedies Act 1979 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 and how it relates to the contracting engineer.

b52_the_expert_witness B52 - The expert witness

A guide for engineering consultants if involved in court hearings.

b51_evidence_and_court_procedure B51 - Evidence and court procedure

A guide to giving evidence in court and the procedure.

b45_intellectual_property B45 - Intellectual property

An introduction to the common forms of Intellectual Property.

b43_email_policies B43 - Email policies

A guide of what is acceptable practice when using a firm’s electronic communications system.

b42_transfer_of_digital_data B42 - Transfer of digital data

A summary of the steps consultants should take to minimise the risk of drawings being altered by unauthorised people, whether deliberately or by accident, and how they can minimise the risk to legal liability for drawings.

b34_common_sense_qa B34 - Common sense QA

A guide to common sense Quality Assurance.

b33_developing_a_quality_system_for_a_small_office B33 - Developing a quality system for a small office

A guide for a Quality Management System in small consultant firms.

b32_developing_and_maintaining_an_iso_9001_quality_system_in_a_multidisciplinary_engineering_consultancy B32 - Developing and maintaining an ISO 9001 quality system in a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy

A guide to developing and maintaining an ISO 9001 quality system in a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy.

b31_ace_new_zealand_policy_on_quality_management B31 - ACE New Zealand policy on quality management

A policy on quality management for engineering consultants in New Zealand.

b28_succession_management_transfer_of_ownership B28 - Succession management - transfer of ownership

A guide to transferring ownership of an engineering consultancy in New Zealand.

b27_aspiring_to_and_preparing_for_engineering_firm_ownership B27 - Aspiring to and preparing for engineering firm ownership

A guide to owning an engineering firm in New Zealand.

b26_health_and_safety_in_small_offices B26 - Health and Safety in small offices

A guide to health and saefty for small engineering consultancies in New Zealand.

b24_staff_management_manual B24 - Staff management manual

A practicable guide for the management of staff selection and appointment, development, training, appraisal and remuneration. This document also covers various aspects of Continuing Professional Development for the employer and the employee.

b23_example_employment_agreement_2020 B23 - Example Employment Agreement 2020

An example Employment Agreement.

b23_guidelines_on_employment_agreements_2020 B23 - Guidelines on employment agreements (2020)

Guidelines on the Employment Agreement.

b22_secondment_of_personnel_between_consulting_firms_within_new_zealand B22 - Secondment of personnel between consulting firms within New Zealand

A guide to the successful secondment of staff between engineering consulting firms in New Zealand.

b21_guideline_to_the_health_and_safety_in_employment_act B21 - Guideline to the Health and Safety in Employment Act

A guide to the Health and Safety in Employment Act and how it relates to engineering in New Zealand.

b16_insurance_terms B16 - Insurance terms

A list of phrases and terminology for commonly used insurance terms.

b14_professional_engineers_certificates B14 - Professional engineers certificates

A guide when provding certificates relating to an engineer or consultant's professional work.

a63_dealing_with_the_media A63 - Dealing with the media

A guide to working with the media in New Zealand including speaking to journalists, how to manage sensitive issues and how to identify opportunities that can promote the engineering industry and ACE New Zealand.

a51_peer_review_work_of_an_engineer A51 - Peer review work of an engineer

A guide to peer reviewing the work or services of a consulting engineer.

a41_ace_new_zealand_disciplinary_procedures A41 - ACE New Zealand Disciplinary procedures

When an individual breaches the ACE New Zealand rules, the firm is responsible for initiating and managing disciplinary procedures. This document sets out those procedures.

a32_fidic_code_of_ethics A32 - FIDIC Code of Ethics

FIDIC code of ethics.

b12_retirement_issues_for_consulting_engineers B12 - Retirement issues for consulting engineers

Based on CEAS’s Guide to Retirement Issues for Consulting Engineers (2007), this guide details issues that can affect retired members and member firms when retiring.

ace_new_zealand_member_ogos ACE New Zealand member logos

ACE New Zealand member logo package and brand usage guidelines.

ace_new_zealand_logo ACE New Zealand logo

ACE New Zealand logos and brand usage guide.

p19_different_forms_of_collaborative_contracts P19 - Different forms of collaborative contracts

Issues when delivering a design and build project.

b53_mediation_and_arbitration_of_construction_contract_disputes B53 - Mediation and arbitration of construction contract disputes

A guide to mediation and arbitration of construction contract disputes.

personnel_survey_2020 Personnel Survey 2020

A summary of the Personnel Survey 2020.

ace_new_zealand_strategy ACE New Zealand Strategy

Our vision is to actively and positively shape the future of Aotearoa by supporting our members to create sustainable value for themselves, their clients and their communities.

2015_innovate_awards_magazine 2015 Innovate Awards magazine

Read the Innovate Awards 2015 magazine.

ace_new_zealand_membership_fees ACE New Zealand membership fees

Calculate the cost of your ACE New Zealand membership fees.

letter_in_lieu_design_template Letter in lieu - design template

This letter template may be used in lieu of a PS1 for clause B2 – Durability.

letter_in_lieu_design_review_template Letter in lieu - design review template

This letter template may be used in lieu of a PS2 for clause B2 – Durability. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that we have reviewed how compliance with Clause B2 (Durability) of the Building Code will be achieved.

letter_in_lieu_construction_monitoring_template Letter in lieu - Construction Monitoring template

This letter template may be used in lieu of a PS4 for clause B2 – Durability. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that direct construction monitoring has been limited.

structural_maintenance_schedule_template Structural Maintenance Schedule Template

This schedule of ongoing inspection and maintenance of structural elements shall be included with the Operations and Maintenance manuals and provided to the Owner/Body Corporate and building managers.

2020_agm_minutes 2020 AGM Minutes

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2020 Minutes.

force_majeure_provision_nzs3910 Force Majeure Provision NZS3910

infrastructure_for_the_long_haul_full_report Infrastructure for the Long Haul - Full Report

ACE New Zealand commissioned this report for a broad thematic overview of infrastructure investment in New Zealand in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

infrastructure_for_the_long_haul_summary Infrastructure for the Long Haul - Summary

ACE New Zealand commissioned a report from Sense Partners to understand the broad themes affecting the infrastructure sector in New Zealand in the wake of COVID-19.

remuneration_survey_summary_report_2020 Remuneration Survey Summary Report 2020

A summary of the Remuneration Survey 2020.

diversity_and_inclusion_policy Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Read ACE New Zealand's Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

personnel-report-2021 Personnel Challenges - The Ongoing Impact of Covid-19

ACE New Zealand's Personnel Impact Report 2021

third_party_disclaimers_advisory Third Party Disclaimers Advisory

A third party disclaimer advisory - advice issued by engineers including ACE New Zealand and CEAS.

2019_2020_annual_report 2019/2020 Annual Report

ACE New Zealand Annual Report 2019/2020.

short_form_agreement_guide Short Form Agreement Guide to latest changes

A guide to the changes in the latest Short Form Agreement when preparing agreements with clients.

2020_2021_annual_report 2020/2021 Annual Report

ACE New Zealand Annual Report 2020/2021

No attachments.

practice_alert Practice Alert Kāinga Ora Professional Services Agreement July 2021

CCCS and Special Conditions for Consultancy Services as of July 2021.

skills_shortage_recruitment_immigration_challenges_in_the_construction_sector Skills Shortage, Recruitment & Immigration Challenges in the Construction Sector

A report from ACE New Zealand, Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects, Civil Contractors NZ and Registered Master Builders Association, July 2021.

covid_19_and_the_workplace_position_example_template COVID-19 and the workplace position example template

Use this COVID-19 workplace position example template when wanting to minimise exposure to and transmission of the COVID-19 virus in the workplace. The document provides occupational protection to our people and thereby reduces exposure to our people, their whanau and the community. It's recommended you consult with your staff on the risk assessments and the draft policy before finalising and implementing it within your workplace.

remuneration_survey_summary_report_2021 Remuneration Survey Summary Report 2021

A summary of the Remuneration Survey 2021.

ace_new_zealand_rules_review Consultation on the review of ACE New Zealand’s Rules

We’re reviewing our Rules and we’d like to hear your views. This is a consultation document for ACE New Zealand members that includes information about our Rules, why we’re reviewing them, the process for our review, and questions for your feedback.

survey_consultation_on_the_review_of_ace_new_zealands_rules Survey: Consultation on the review of ACE New Zealand’s rules

This survey is for members to provide feedback on the review of ACE New Zealand’s rules.

destination_nz_campaign_proposal Letter to Ministers – Destination NZ campaign proposal

A letter to ministers calling for an urgent advertising campaign to promote Aotearoa New Zealand as an attractive destination for skilled workers around the globe, signed by ACE New Zealand, Civil Contractors New Zealand, Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects and Registered Master Builders.

producer_statements_and_quality_documents Producer statements and quality documents - online form

The revised producer statements and quality documents will significantly improve engineers' and consenting authorities' quality assurance and administrative processes. And, for the first time, the documents are hosted online – with benefits such as real-time updates, cross-population of fields and greater consistency nationwide.


Check out the online ACE New Zealand and Engineering New Zealand Producer Statements

No attachments.

a_series_producer_statements A series producer statements

The A series is for an engineer to use for designs where a building consent is not required.


Check out the online ACE New Zealand and Engineering New Zealand Producer Statements A Series

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2021_2022_annual_report 2021/2022 Annual Report

ACE New Zealand Annual Report 2021/2022

No attachments.

2021_agm_minutes 2021 AGM Minutes

ACE New Zealand Annual General Meeting 2021 Minutes.

a_professional_services_consulting_sector_where_our_peoples_mental_health_flourish A professional services consulting sector where our peoples' mental health flourishes - ACE NZ report

A report on what ACE New Zealand members are doing to provide mentally healthy workplaces.

summary_of_feedback_on_the_review_of_ace_new_zealand_s_rules Summary of Feedback on the review of ACE New Zealand’s Rules

ACE New Zealand is reviewing its Rules, and earlier this year we asked you to share your thoughts on what our review should include.

We’ve considered your feedback and have drafted a new set of Rules based on what we heard, ready to take ACE New Zealand into the future.

remuneration_survey_summary_report_2022 Remuneration Survey Summary Report 2022

A summary of the Remuneration Survey 2022.

digital_agreements_advisory Digital agreements advisory

General guidance for ACE members when creating or editing a contract for digital engagement services.

intellectual_property_and_the_cccs Intellectual Property and the CCCS

Understanding the intellectual property rights when engaging in contractual relationships.