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Skills for thriving in times of uncertainty and change - a Mindspace series

Webinar - May 17, 2023 at 12:00pm - 1pm


In these tough economic times, our brains struggle to cope with significant, ongoing uncertainty. Join organisational development consultant and positive psychology practitioner Jane Davis as she looks at evidence-based tools and techniques that (when practised and applied regularly) can make a positive difference in your life and help you to thrive at home and at work. 

Learn about the symptoms you might experience when living with open-ended uncertainty, how to calm the threat response and how to overcome the brain's natural negativity bias and hunt the good stuff.

This free, one-hour webinar brought to you by Mindspace, a new mental health and wellbeing initiative by ACE, will help you to build psychological flexibility and boost resilience to be well-equipped to handle times of challenge in your life now and in the future.   

We'll delve into: 

Balancing the nervous system 

  • Broad context regarding mental wellbeing
  • The impact of living with uncertainty
  • Understanding the role of the nervous system and how to keep it in balance
  • How to practice rapid recovery (calm your nervous system quickly)

Hunting the good stuff

  • Understanding the impact of the negativity bias
  • The importance of positive emotions and their impact on mental wellbeing
  • The most important positive emotions to boost and techniques that work

About the presenter

Jane Davis is the Director of The Flourishing Institute, a positive psychology consulting business based in Christchurch. Her professional training is in Organisational Psychology and she has been working in this field for over 30 years. She has broad experience working with people across all levels, across New Zealand and overseas, in the private and public sectors. 

Jane has been teaching mental well-being skills for many years and her main focus is on helping people build psychological flexibility – that is the ability to deal with change, adapt quickly, be resilient and bounce back when tough things happen. All Jane’s programmes have an evidence base to them and she focuses on finding simple and practical ways to apply the research at work and home. 


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