Stay connected with workmates during lockdown

Leaders and teams who intentionally focus on relationship-building activities positively impact employee engagement, retention, and productivity. How are you staying connected with your workmates during lockdown? We spoke to communication specialists Wires Uncrossed about their top tips for keeping connected while staying apart.

Connect with workmates

  • Pick up the phone - everyone's inboxes are getting overloaded at the moment. Call someone and at the same time ask them how they are

  • Get your steps up by holding a 'walking meeting' over a video call

  • Hold a Friday drinks video call where people can dress up as their favourite book or movie character

  • Provide opportunities for staff to share personal stories

  • Hold a weekly quiz - make your own on or the weekly quiz is always a goodie

  • Hold online lunch sessions with guest speakers relevant to your staff needs 

  • Acknowledge the work staff are doing and how hard lockdowns can be by sending them a package. Did anyone say doughnuts? 

  • Who's that baby? photo competition 

  • Watch a video update from the CEO together as a team

See how BVT Engineering CEO Ceinwen McNeill is keeping her team engaged during lockdown