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The ACE Awards are highly respected in the consulting sector. They celebrate projects which have achieved consulting excellence.

If you’ve received confirmation from ACE New Zealand that your Expression of Interest has been approved, submit your entry to the awards 

Key 2020 dates

  • Submissions close - 17 March 
  • Finalists notified – 6 July 
  • Awards Ceremony – late November / December (details to be confirmed)

What you need before you begin your submission  

Your submission is the key document the judges use to review your entry and must include:  

  1. Contacts page containing the name, firm, job title, email, and phone number for each: 
    • Entrant (alliances and CWAs should list all parties involved) 
    • Sub-Consultants
    • Client 
    • Contractor (if applicable) 
    • Peer reviewer (if applicable) 
    • Asset owner (if different from the client) 
  2. Executive Summary 
    • This will be used in conjunction with the project description for media and promotion. Your summary may be edited by ACE New Zealand or a journalist employed by ACE New Zealand for consistency of style, but any significant changes will be referred to the entrantThe Executive Summary should: 
      • be a maximum of 250 words 
      • be written in language suitable for an average, intelligent reader (layman) 
      • feature a brief summary of the overall project  
      • should focus on what elements which recognition is being sought 
      • highlight the consultant’s contribution to the project 
      • include a reference to the firm preparing the submission and the client, and any others who have made significant contributions 
  3. Technical content (this section is limited to no more than 15 pages and should address appropriate aspects: 
      • Consulting experience
      • Depth and extent of technical expertise
      • Creation of sustainable value
      • Client satisfaction
  4. Appended material, as needed 
    • Client permission 
    • Hierarchy/relationship diagram and detail 
    • Photos (additional to the five required) 
    • Sketches 
    • Diagrams (drawings) 
    • Supplementary reports in support of any claims 
    • Any appended material in excess of 10MB should request approval from the ACE New Zealand awards staff in advance 

We require:  

  • One high resolution, print-ready PDF of the above 1-4  
  • No less than five high-resolution images to a minimum of 1MB or larger each (any photographer captions or attributions should be included with the photos) 
  • Any video footage you may have that we can use in our promotional material
  • Any images or videos showing people using the works or enjoying the outcomes

Permissions and considerations 

A copy of your submission must be sent to the client/asset owner and principal contractor (and to the principal consultant if applicable). This should be done before the deadline date so that any suggestions or comments made by the client can be incorporated into your final submission.  

Client feedback 

ACE New Zealand will contact the client to request feedback. Whoever is listed as the client contact should have full knowledge of the project and the consultant’s contribution.  

You may list more than one client contact, and ACE New Zealand will contact each client contact you provide. 

Additionally, the client feedback form (and possible interview) is important to the judge’s evaluation of the entry. We encourage entrants to discuss this with their client before making a submission to ensure they are aware of the entry and understand that their feedback plays an important role in the project evaluation. ACE New Zealand will manage the feedback form and client interview (if applicable).

Storage of entry information 

Digital copies are retained on the ACE New Zealand secure system. ACE New Zealand treats all contact details as private and confidential to ACE New Zealand staff, ACE New Zealand board, or award judges.  

Some information and photos about the entries will be shared publicly and with media. 

Technical content   

The technical information must be adequate for the judges to assess your project under the following criteria:

  • Should not exceed 15 pages in length
  • Include drawings to help the judges understand the unique features of the project. Non-essential drawings can be distracting
  • Provide references to technical papers, or original documents, provided a copy can be made available
  • Technical reports can be appended, within reason. If the technical material is not available to the judges, they are under no obligation to assess the project

Write your submission in a way that showcases excellence in the business of consulting. A technical expert or engineer should write this portion of the submission focussing on how the consulting service went above and beyond.

Consulting experience

This element is about the quality of the consulting experience delivered by the consultant to the client and stakeholders.  It is measured by the following:

  • Excellence in the business of consulting
  • Adding value to the client’s business or reputation
  • Enhancing the reputational perception of consultants
  • Excellence in the delivery of consulting services
  • Excellence in engagement with stakeholders and community

Depth and extent of technical expertise

This element is about the depth and breadth of technical knowledge that the consultant brings to the project to address sophisticated technical, environmental, stakeholder, community, and other issues.  It is measured by the following:

  • Application of new or innovative processes, technology or methodologies
  • Originality in approach and analysis
  • Involved the use of diverse and competing resources
  • Is outside the problems encompassed by standards and codes of practice
  • The elegance of the solution

Creation of sustainable value

This element is about how the consultant’s work has addressed one or more of risk, resilience, environmental, social, community, and sustainability issues. Not all components will factor into the consultant’s delivery outcomes.  It is measured by consideration (if appropriate) of:

  • How has the consultant’s work delivered enhanced resilience and reduced risk?
  • How has the consultant adopted sustainability principles and delivered solutions or outcomes which are sustainable and enduring?
  • How the consultant has considered environmental issues and how the outcomes have contributed to better environmental outcomes which are sustainable and enduring
  • How has the consultant taken account of social and community outcomes in a manner beneficial to both the client and the broader community in a positive way?
  • How has the consultant taken account of and provided for stakeholders?

Client satisfaction

This element is about the client and/or stakeholders view of how well the consultant has performed.  It takes account of the submission, the client letter, client feedback form, the client/contractor interviews and, if appropriate, any stakeholder feedback.  It is measured by the following:

  • Feedback form and client/stakeholder letters (ACE New Zealand handles this)
  • Client interview (ACE New Zealand handles this)
  • Quality of client-consultant relationship
  • Meeting client requirements including time, cost and quality.
  • The adding of client value and enhancement of the client's reputational values

Write your submission in a way that showcases excellence in the business of consulting. A technical expert or engineer should write this portion of the submission focussing on how the consulting service went above and beyond business as usual 

Images, drawings, and video  

Photos, sketches or diagrams (drawings), or video which illustrate and describe the achievement or clarify any points made in the description of the project, may be included or appended in your submission.  

  • Illustrations may be interleaved with the description if the reference to diagrams is necessary; alternatively, they can be appended; 
  • Please provide a minimum of five high-resolution photos (1mb minimum) with captions and photographer credit to be used for use in media and promotion.  
  • Additional photos and video are encouraged and appreciated. 
  • By submitting these photos and videos, you grant ACE New Zealand permission to publish these photos in print and online for the awards and future ACE New Zealand promotion. 
  • Drawings will be treated as confidential unless they are included as one of the five required “photos” that are available for promotional purposes. Maximum drawing size is A3. Maximum of 12 drawings per project. 
  • For projects such as underground installations, computer applications, etc. photographs may not always be available. Appropriate sketches, diagrams etc. may be submitted instead.  
  • Organisers have the permission to use the consultants’ images (mainly photos or video if available) for promotional purposes of the awards and the industry.  

Although ACE New Zealand will give credit to photographers if asked, ACE New Zealand does not pay royalties for any photos used. 

Make your submission  

Once you’ve received confirmation from ACE New Zealand that you can submit your entry via the Expressions of Interest form make your submission.  

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