Submit Your Entry

The ACE Awards are highly respected in the consulting sector. They celebrate projects which have achieved consulting excellence.

Key 2021 dates

  • Expressions of interest - close 3 March 
  • Submissions - close 30 March
  • ACE Awards event - 8 September

What you need before you begin your submission  

Your submission is the key document the judges use to review your entry. The following pages are required

  1. Cover
  2. Contact
    • Every contact must include:
      • Name
      • Title
      • Company
      • Physical address
      • Email
      • Mobile 
    • Contacts required:
      • Entrant (the main point of contact for the entry project) 
      • Client(s) 
      • Asset owner (if different to the client) 
      • Contractor(s) 
      • Marketing contact (from the entrant company) 
      • Marketing contact (from the client organisation) 
      • Peer reviewer 
      • Sub-contractor(s) 
      • Additional contacts for alliances, CWAs, or JVs 
    • Client contacts: 
      • This person should have the most intimate knowledge of what the constant(s) delivered
      • This person doesn't need to be the most senior client contact  
      • If this person has since left the client organisation and you have their contact details, please include them 
      • You may include more than one client contact
      • Please notify your client that ACE New Zealand and the judges will be contacting them to gather their feedback
        • Client feedback is critical to the judge's evaluation of your submission 
        • Feedback is confidential to ACE New Zealand and judges 
        • Feedback form takes five minutes to complete 
        • Clients who don't provide feedback will handicap the judge's evaluation and reflect poorly on your submission
  3. Hierarchy/Relationships
    • For General category entries leave “general entry – N/A” on this page
    • This page is required for CWA and Alliance entries
    • Any directly appointed client-consultant(s) – client’s consultant etc
    • Judges need to understand the working relationships between the various parties in a CWA or Alliance entry. Detail all the parties involved including: 
      • CWA / Alliance contributors 
      • Any sub-contractor(s) or specialist consultant(s) hired by the CWA / Alliance
      • Any directly appointed client consultant(s) - client's consultant etc
    • For each contributor, we need to understand: 
      • what they contributed (contractor, designer, specialist environmental consultant, etc) 
      • what percentage contribution it was to the overall project (10% of the project, etc) 
  4. Executive Summary 
    • be a maximum of 200 words 
  5. Technical content
    • Limited to no more than 15 pages and should address appropriate aspects: 
      • Consulting experience
      • Depth and extent of technical expertise
      • Creation of sustainable value
      • Client satisfaction
    • On the EOI form, entrants were asked to select 1 consulting business / service focus. Please include a detailed section on that selection in your submission. 
    • On the EOI form, entrants were asked to select up to 5 engineering practice / technical disciplines. For each discipline selected, please include a technical / detailed section on that discipline in your submission. 
    • If you’d like to reference any photos, sketches, diagrams, reports, or other multi-media to support your submission, please include the photo/media in the next section and include references in this section. Example referenceImage 1: Breakwater structure physical modelling, Water Research Laboratory.  
    • The submission is the primary tool the judges use to evaluate your entry. You are telling us a story of the work you provided and how it has impacted the client, the community, the industry, and Aotearoa.  
    • We recommend you ask yourself these guiding thoughts / questions when reviewing your submission: 
      • Does my submission provide an overview of the consulting work provided? 
      • Does my submission indicate what elements that recognition is being sought?  
      • For CWA and Alliance entries, detail on what work was contributed by the ACE New Zealand member. 
      • How has this work contributed to the project outcomes?  
      • A detailed technical description of the project.  
      • Why the consulting solution is better than business as usual. 
      • Why this project represents consulting excellence?  
      • Was there innovation in the business of consulting? 
  6. Appended material
    • You may include up to 15 pages of supporting photos, sketches, diagrams, drawings and other multi-media links
    • Reports or videos should be included as a hyperlink to a source the judges can access until 28 July 2021If a link cannot be provided for that duration, please email Holly Morchat Stanko to arrange an alternative
    • We recommend a mixture of marketing (overview) photos and detailed photos
    • The photos/media provided in this submission will be confidential to ACE New Zealand (internal use only) and judges
    • Separately to this submission, ACE New Zealand will contact the marketing contacts you provide to collect photos and other media content that will be used for public use and promotion
  7. Client permission
    • This can be a formal letter, e-mail or other written permission from the client(s) and asset owner to enter the project. 
    • Alliance entries must include permission from each company / organisation that is a member of the alliance to enter the project. 

Make your submission  

Once you’ve Expressioned your interest, make your submission.