ACE New Zealand Remuneration Survey

ACE New Zealand Remuneration Report is the premiere annual benchmark survey offering detailed remuneration and benefits information for key engineering disciplines. In partnership with Strategic Pay, the survey is developed by our members, for our members. ACE New Zealand participating Members can access a copy of this report for free. All other Members can purchase a copy of the report by contacting Strategic Pay directly at View the 2019 summary report here.

  • Methodology - The report provides detailed analysis of 55 roles across all engineering and corporate services roles – reporting base salary, fixed remuneration and total remuneration breakdowns by location and organisation size.  
  • Funding - The cost for this value-added service is $25K per year. It is paid directly by ACE New Zealand on behalf of participating members and this is funded out of subscription income.
  • What if a Member missed the survey timeline? - The report can be purchased from ACE New Zealand at NZ$300+gst.


  • May - Jul: Strategic Pay will send out the survey link to ALL ACE New Zealand Members.
  • Sep: Report is released. Strategic Pay will run a webinar debrief on the report with findings and analysis of the market, as well as soliciting feedback from ACE New Zealand members on how they’d like to improve the report next year.
  • Jan: The participating members will be invited to take part in the Pulse report in January the following year whereby they will be asked to provide the estimated percentage increase in base salary and total remuneration since the release of last report.

ACE New Zealand Personnel Survey

ACE New Zealand conducts the Personnel Survey on an annual basis to correctly calculate subscription rates for the coming year. The information is also used for promotional activities on behalf of our members. Individual survey results are anonymous and confidential and no individual firm results will be able to be identified. A summary of the results can be downloaded here