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Sustainability – challenges, opportunities and creating a better future

Webinar - June 15, 2021 at 12:00pm - 1pm


In this post-COVID world, there are many risks, but also many opportunities when it comes to creating a more sustainable future. How should we be designing and building infrastructure in Aotearoa more sustainably? General Manager of ISCA NZ, Adrienne Miller, Buildings Sustainability Leader for Beca, Scott Smith and Sustainability Professional, Monique Cornish will give their perspective on sustainability in this free one-hour webinar.

After each presentation, there will be an opportunity for you to ask the speakers questions.

Hosted by the Auckland Young Professionals.

About the presenters

Adrienne Miller - General Manager of Infrastructure Sustainability Council New Zealand

Adrienne Miller has worked in private practice and as an executive and adviser across the waste, building products, construction and infrastructure sectors. She's worked for companies such as Waste Management New Zealand, Carter Holt Harvey, Downers, Fletchers and Watercare and through her own boutique consulting practice, Cupola. She’s also on several boards including INZs WIN Advisory Board and MBIEs Building Advisory Panel BAP and Diversity Works New Zealand. Adrienne volunteers for various mentoring and capability development programs and has worked with consultants and engineers throughout her career and has a long history with infrastructure, and established relationships across the sector.

Adrienne will discuss the potential risk and opportunity in the post-COVID landscape around sustainability and how we can utilise this understanding to approach a successful sustainability solution.

Scott Smith - Buildings Sustainability Leader of ANZPac, Beca

Scott Smith is a leader in the design of sustainable buildings - from precinct masterplans to community libraries, his broad experience sees him heavily involved at project inception, helping integrate sustainable design principles, frameworks, targets and design practices. Scott will present on emerging sustainability drivers, what good sustainable design processes look like and building sector responses.

Monique Cornish - Sustainability Professional, Infrastructure Specialist, Co-Chair The Sustainability Society

Monique is a sustainability professional who has had a global career supporting corporate, government and NGO organisations in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas respond to the challenge of creating sustainable, resilient businesses and communities. She specialises in integrating sustainability into the business case process and developing outcomes frameworks to measure performance.

Monique will speak on sticks, carrots and being an agent for change:

  • Sticks: Emerging climate change and resource efficiency policy and what that will mean for the construction and built environment sector
  • Carrots: How to build the case for sustainability initiatives on projects and in client organisations
  • Become an agent for change: How to integrate sustainability into your daily work


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