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Tell me the good news - with Jehan Casinader

Online - March 24, 2022 at 10:30am - 11:30am


Are you feeling overwhelmed right now?

Maybe that’s because we're drowning in negative information. From breaking news to social media, we're often bombarded with negative, anxiety-inducing content – especially during COVID-19. 

Most of us have no idea how to regulate the information we consume. How do we choose what to read and watch? How do we stay informed – without being overwhelmed? How do we process news that makes us distressed?

In this session, Jehan Casinader offers a unique perspective on how the media works. He explains how each of us can make better choices about what we consume – and how we can find the good news.

About the presenter

Jehan Casinader is a journalist, speaker, mental health advocate – and one of New Zealand’s top storytellers. He is also a survivor of depression.

In 2020, Jehan spoke to ACE New Zealand members about the power of storytelling. Now, he returns to help us reflect on the story we are creating for 2022.

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