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Tendering for council work in a funding-constrained environment

Online - March 19, 2024 at 12:00pm - 1pm


Auckland Council acknowledges it is not without issues. However ultimately, the major issue is funding.

Mayor Wayne Brown's manifesto for Auckland calls for better use of ratepayers' money, and the council’s long-term plan looks to include details of what Auckland Council plans to achieve in the next ten years and how it will be funded. There is a focus on upgrade and renewals of core assets, long-term infrastructure resilience and sustainability.

How should consultants tendering for council work operate under this funding-restrained environment?

Join Auckland Council's Fleur Aldridge, Principal Solicitor for Construction and Infrastructure Projects and Transactions, for a discussion on: 

  • What does good engagement look like?
  • What do the mayor’s manifesto and the long-term plan mean for the consultant market?
  • How can consultants approach things differently when dealing with clients?

Although Auckland-centric, this presentation is relevant to all consultants providing services in a funding-restrained environment.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions. 

Who is this event for? 

This webinar is designed for anyone curious about effective strategies for navigating and securing consulting opportunities in a funding-restrained environment. Whether you're a consultant, aspiring to enter the consulting market, or simply interested in the challenges and solutions related to municipal funding issues, this presentation offers valuable insights into Auckland Council's perspective, the mayor's manifesto, and the long-term plan.

If you're an SME or business leader looking to understand how to thrive in a funding-constrained environment while providing services to government entities, this presentation provides practical advice on engaging with clients, optimising the use of available funds, and tailoring consulting approaches to align with the priorities outlined in long-term plans. It also serves as a useful resource if you're in the consulting industry seeking to adapt your strategy in response to evolving governmental priorities and budget constraints.

About the speaker

Fleur Aldridge is an infrastructure lawyer specialising in contracts for horizontal infrastructure projects (wharves, roads, utility pipelines, airport runways, bridges and rail). If it floats, flows, flies or drives, she's doing the contract for the infrastructure under it.

Fleur has experience in the private and public sector, advising on a wide range of large-scale, complex infrastructure projects.


ACE New Zealand will host this webinar via Zoom. if you can't make the live event, register to access this content on demand.  

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