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The four day week - they said it can't be done in professional services

Webinar - October 26, 2022 at 2:00pm - 3pm


Hear from BVT’s Managing Director, Matt Bishop, on their journey and experience operating with the four-day work week.

The area of performance management has received significant investment resulting in some ground-breaking initiatives. However, the corresponding documentation that accompanies these improvements often makes them too onerous to implement. An organisation’s pursuit to align their objectives with those of their employees seems so simple but becomes highly complex.

Enter the four-day working week. This simple concept cuts through layers of data and reporting. Instead, it offers employees something they value individually, but must work as a team to achieve. The resulting improvements in sustainability, quality-of-life and mental health are well recognised, but perhaps the most exciting outcome is yet to be unveiled.

About the presenter

A believer in the ‘New Age’ of engineering, Matt founded BVT Engineering over 10 years ago with a focus on changing the way engineering is delivered. Driven by the desire for continuous improvement, he strives to curate and collect best practice business systems from different industry disciplines, while searching for continual efficiencies in his own. He believes it’s important to be a channel of knowledge and innovation, and provide that critical link between the client and internal delivery teams. This is a role that underpins BVT Engineering’s growth and ability to stay ahead of the curve in their industry and for their clients. A future thinker, Matt’s motto is always “It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”


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