Introducing Dr John Jing

It’s not often you meet someone who dreams of changing the world… and actually has the ability to do just that. But that is the case with Dr John Jing. He is driven to be the ‘best of the best’ in his chosen field of structural engineering.

Dr John Jing is the founder of Tino Structures. He specialises in structural design and seismic assessment. New Zealand is an extremely earthquake-prone nation. John believes by doing the seismic engineering work he does, Tino Structures will make New Zealand's communities safer and ultimately save human lives.

He is often contracted to review the assessment and design work of other engineers and knows there is room for much improvement in seismic assessment and structural design.

He has been involved in more than 300 projects over 15 years, and his experience is extensive. His seismic engineering knowledge is vast and largely unmatched. Much of it is the result of his own research conducted at the University of Auckland, which means this knowledge is unique to him.

John has a high level of integrity and is motivated by a need to educate to make sure structural and seismic retrofit engineering is done properly. He is committed to growing his expertise and ongoing development. Equally, he wants to pass on his knowledge to other engineers.

He is highly creative and brings this to his problem-solving, developing new, advanced ways of designing structural and seismic engineering that haven’t existed before. You’ll find he is very approachable, engages well with all project stakeholders and is a pleasure to work with.

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Tino Structures Limited (Auckland)