Tonkin + Taylor employs 700+ staff to deliver civil, geotechnical and environmental services across New Zealand (NZ), Australia, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We have a reputation for technical excellence, and our work spans projects for the land, transport, waste, water, energy, and industrial sectors. Our expertise encompasses environmental science, hydrology, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, water resources, data solutions, project management, sustainability and resilience planning.

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Collaboration is the central pillar for delivery of all our services. By working in a trusting and productive environment backed by strong quality assurance systems, our staff can share, test and refine their best ideas and thinking with each other and clients. This helps us to identify the processes, techniques and materials that will deliver the best solutions and value for our clients.

All office locations in Australia and New Zealand are available on our website. To reach any of our offices in New Zealand you’re welcome to contact our Auckland head office first, and they will direct you to the right contact people.

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Tonkin + Taylor (Auckland)