Vector Needs You!

Vector have recently found a large number of buildings being constructed too close to power lines, poles, switches and transformers. It is very important that all buildings and structures comply with the Electrical Code of Practice for Safe Electrical Distances (NZECP34). This is enforced by WorkSafe and protects people, property, vehicles and the network.

What can you do?

As experts in your field, you can help by always ensuring new developments in Auckland are built at least 4 metres away from transformers or switches, unless firewalls are installed.

Distances vary for power lines depending on voltages and usage (see tables 2 & 3 NZECP34), so we recommended reviewing the code to ensure your projects are compliant.


Just remember, this includes scaffolding or mobile plant used in construction.

We are here to help. We would prefer you to contact us early on during the design phase, contact 0508 VECTOR or if in the Auckland area.