What we do

Mt Eden, Auckland ACE New Zealand is a firm-based member organisation representing more than 240 professional services firms, ranging from large global firms to employee-owned SMEs and sole traders. 

Our members deliver critical technology, construction, infrastructure and environmental solutions, providing the essential expertise needed to create remarkable outcomes for Aotearoa. 

We act as the collective voice for our members, providing a system-level perspective to their unique challenges. We invest in initiatives that benefit firms of all sizes and sit at a macro-level within the sector.   

Our vision

Uplifting professional services to deliver remarkable outcomes for Aotearoa.

Our objectives

  • Raising the profile and value of professional services in the eyes of our members, future members, clients, communities and decision-makers, and growing enduring and trusting relationships to enhance our influence
  • Raising awareness among our members of key issues, providing clarity on our objectives, roles and responsibilities, and putting the right structures, agreements and guidance in place to enable our members to thrive and lead through the challenges
  • Enabling our members to set the standard for consultancy skills and professionalism, both now and to ensure the future success of the sector 

Our mahi

Our core work is focused on:   

  • Policy, advocacy and thought leadership  
  • Tools and resources 
  • Training and events  
  • Annual awards and conference   
  • Member forums 
  • Industry liaison 
  • Surveys and research  
  • Communications, marketing and public relations  
  • International connections 

Our key priorities are:  

  • Preparing a competency framework for consultants and consultancy businesses that sets a clear standard for what great looks like, today and into the future that will act as the foundation for our advocacy, guidance development and events and training 
  • Leading the Diversity Agenda and Accord into its next evolution   
  • Building pride and understanding of professional services among our clients, decision-makers and future members  
  • Supporting members with their mental health kaupapa, to grow the health of their businesses   
  • Supporting members with their cultural competency journey, building Te Ao Māori and Tikanga Māori approaches into their DNA   
  • Supporting members on their journey to build sustainability into their business 
  • Reviewing our member guidance documents and resources to ensure they are current and relevant 
  • Exploring micro-credentials to enable members to develop and demonstrate their skills and professionalism, as consultants of choice 
  • Raising awareness of the impact of AI, platformatisation and emerging technologies on the future of consultancy 
  • Leveraging existing workforce pipeline initiatives to attract a diverse pool of talent into professional services