What we do

ACE New Zealand represents over 200 consulting and engineering firms, ranging from large global firms to employee-owned SMEs. Our members are on the front lines of delivering critical technology, construction and infrastructure and represent the essential expertise needed to shape the future of our built and natural environment in Aotearoa. 

2019 ACE New Zealand conference

Our vision

To actively and positively shape the future of Aotearoa by supporting our members to create sustainable value for themselves, their clients and their communities.

Our purpose

  • Enabling our members to compete, excel and thrive 

  • Leading, connecting and shaping the future of Aotearoa 

  • Asserting and preserving the importance and credibility of our sector with both the public and government 

Our values

  • Diversity

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Passion 

Our strategy

Read our ACE New Zealand Shaping the Future of Aotearoa strategy

Our foundations

Member focus 

Financial success 

Our members must see us as their most valuable resource. We must be responsive to their needs, involve them in service development, and encourage personal involvement in ACE New Zealand. 

We must maintain a financially stable and robust organisation; this means delivering an annual operating surplus which allows reinvestment in sector-led projects. 


We’re a partner oThe Diversity Agenda along with Engineering New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Architects

The Diversity Agenda is an industry-wide call to action in engineering and architecture, addressing critical issues like retaining and promoting women to leadership roles, pay equity and changing the working culture for everyone's benefit. It signifies a commitment for our industries to be more inspiring and accessible to everyone.




Our priority areas

At ACE New Zealand we have three key priority areas:


We give our members a customised experience and broaden our service delivery to meet evolving needs. 


We do this through brand development, using technology to optimise our ability to create powerful user-drive outcomes and facilitate meaningful engagement between members, clients and influencers.  

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We’re the advocate for engineering and consulting firms in Aotearoa.


We aim to have a high and well-respected profile with members, local and central government and other key stakeholders. We proactively engage with media to positively shape the narrative, be the trusted advisor on public policy and have a positive impact on the commercial environment where our members operate. 

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Through thought leadership, tools, resources and development opportunities we ensure our members are ready for the future.


Our members represent the essential expertise needed to shape the future of our built and natural environments.

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