12 March e-News

Covid-19 is still a topic of much discussion, with cases and deaths rising worldwide.

In times like this, it’s easy to panic. With that in mind, I’d recommend following articles from Dr Siouxsie Wiles. She is an Associate Professor and Head of the Bioluminescent Superbugs Lab at the University of Auckland. Siouxsie brings a sound evidence-based approach.

Read Siouxsie’s latest updates

How should your business respond?

There are many government sources providing guidance and support as part of the response to COVID-19. Here are a number of these sources together in one place.

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Workplace response to COVID-19:

Find information around workplace preparedness, getting ready for an emergency, and sick leave entitlements on employment.govt.nz

The World Health Organisation has also developed a guide to getting your workplace ready

Information for small business:

Find information for importers and exporters, tax obligations, travel and several links to crucial information being provided by other government agencies onbusiness.govt.nz

Information on health and safety: 

If you have health concerns, information and advice about coronavirus is available from the Ministry of Health

My advice to you:

We should be taking a risk-based approach, continuously monitoring the situation and adapting our plan as things evolve. Things you should consider:

  • Ensuring remote working options are in place, should you need them
  • Staff self-quarantining where risk factors exist (such as overseas travel from recognised hotspots, or exposure to people with such risk factors)
  • Investing in, testing and prioritising the use of videoconferencing facilities where appropriate
  • Considering delay or cancellation of non-essential overseas travel (some firms are delaying travel to Australia due to a recent surge in confirmed cases, and at least three deaths). Read immigration New Zealand’s latest travel advice
  • Monitoring import restrictions and the economic situation to ascertain their impacts on programmes and projects

Let’s all make a plan, and hope we don’t need it. But it’s there if we do.

What's on

A reminder about our upcoming events.

Time-saving tips & tricks

Tuesday 17 March, 5.30pm, Auckland

The 'Queen of Productivity' Debbie Mayo-Smith shares her time-saving tips and tricks to boost your efficiency and maximise time and workload management. Organised by the ACE New Zealand Young Professionals Committee.

More details and register

Producer Statements, Site Observations & Reports

Wednesday 18 March, 2pm, Whakatane

Whakatane District Council manager of building and environmental services, Christine Watkinson shares her insights into what documentation is required for producer statements and site observations.

More details and register

Ballet and bullrush, princesses and pornography

Thursday 19 March, 12pm, Wellington

After the success of the Christchurch event, The Diversity Agenda is bringing this event to Wellington. Hear from Suran Dickson, a leading expert on diversity and inclusion on why the bar hasn't moved much when it comes to diversity in our sectors.

More details and register

Strategic Leaders Masterclass with Alicia McKay

Friday 20 March, 9am, Auckland

We're running a one-day masterclass on how to lift your leadership game from operational to strategic. Facilitator Alicia McKay teaches the basics of strategy and strategic leadership, challenging your perspective and stretching thinking with new tools and techniques.

More details and purchase tickets

Where are we now, where are we going, and what should we plan for?

Wednesday 1 April, 5.30pm, Christchurch

We all know our sector is changing rapidly - hear from key speakers on the key changes, risks and challenges when it comes to contracts, risk and insurance.

More details and register

Work-life balance & mental resilience 

Tuesday 7 April, 5.30pm, Napier 

We give our work full focus and dedication, so why do we struggle to give our wellbeing the same? Hear speaker and engineer Tony Harrison's own experience adjusting his work-life balance for his mental, physical, and family's health.

More details and register

Division over light rail plans

There appears to be some division within Government ranks over plans for the development of a light rail system for Auckland.

Further doubt

Deadline for Transmission Gully project

NZTA has announced November 1 as the opening date for the long-awaited Transmission Gully four-lane link from the north into Wellington City.

Expensive penalties

Designing the Northern Pathway

Two teams have been shortlisted to prepare proposals for the detailed design and construction of the cross-harbour section of Auckland’s Northern Pathway.

Complex design


Environmental challenges for Aussie

Infrastructure Australia has raised ‘environmental challenges’ to the top of its priorities list for the first time.

Climate focus

How secure is our water infrastructure?

New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom is calling for a Council Warrant of Fitness check on the quality of water infrastructure.

Perilous state?

Regional infrastructure funding

A $99.4 million development of the Opotiki Harbour is expected to create almost 2000 jobs and be a significant boost to aquaculture in the Bay of Plenty.

Regional funding

Why are some expressways cracking?

NZTA is tight-lipped over what is causing some of our expressways to crack and become rutted even though they are only a few years old.

Cracking up

Decision pending on five major projects

Northland’s mayors are optimistic that the Government will decide on the future of five major infrastructure projects by the middle of this year.

Investment opportunity

Employment tips – sick leave 

With many people worried about Covid-19, now’s an excellent time to brush up on your sick leave knowledge. 

Did you know that sick leave entitlements are not pro-rated in any way?  

This means that even if a part-time employee only works three days a week, they still get five days’ sick leave a year and can accumulate up to 20 sick days a year. 

Find out more about sick leave entitlements


Kia pai tō rā, Paul and the ACE New Zealand team